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Everlasting Legacies of Korea

  • 2016.9.1
    designated date
    Farming song that captures the long-standing farming culture and the work of farming in Haman-gun.

    "Haman Nongyo" is a composition of the long-standing farming culture of Haman-gun and the spring, summer, fall, and winter farming as a framework, reviewing the parts that were temporarily and piecemeal as part of the local event program from the 1980s to 1990s.

    The exhibition is held every year by compiling books related to "Haman's Old Folk Song" and Ilsori in Haman.

    Haman Nongyo is a very detailed portrayal of the process of farming during the four seasons, and unlike traditional farming songs, its fast-paced work is outstanding in its lively production is full of excitement.