Pyeongtaek Nongak, National Intangible Cultural Property No. 11-2


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Pyeongtaek Nongak, National Intangible Cultural Property No. 11-2 +

Classification Intangible Cultural Heritage / Traditional Performing Arts / Music
Designated date 1985.12.1
location Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Pyeongtaek has long been rich in agricultural products because it has a wide field called Sosatdeul, which has become an important background for Pyeongtaek Nongak.

In addition, Cheongnyongsa Temple near Pyeongtaek became the base of Sadangpae early on, and their nongak developed greatly at the end of the Joseon Dynasty. Therefore, Pyeongtaek Nongak is both a dure nongak and a geolippae nongak (the work of the masses playing gong and begging each other).

The instruments used in nongak include kkwaenggwari, gong, drum, bucku, family register, and trumpet. The formation consists of Yeonggi-su, Nonggi-su, Naepal-su, Hojeok-su, Sangsoe, Buyeo, Sangjang-gu, Sangjang-gu, Sangjang-gu, Bubu, Jongbu, Jongbu-gu, Jongbu, Chilmu-dong, Chilmu-dong, Jungae, and Yangban.

Nongak players wear costumes worn by military graduates in the past, wear colored bands on top of them, and wear a hat or cone hat on their heads. In terms of musical instruments, the gongs and drums are smaller than other regions, and there is no distinction between Sogo and Beopgo.

The cover of the melody is clear, and the presence of songgut is also unique. In addition, Gilgunakchilchae is a genre only seen in Gyeonggi Nongak, and Gilgunakchilchae in Pyeongtaek Nongak is distinguished from other regions.

Pyeongtaek Nongak is a high-quality nongak that is based on the simple tradition of dure nongak, but is composed of a combination of professional performances by namsadangpae entertainers who are highly performing, and Mudong Nori (a child dancing on an adult's wooden horse) was developed in particular.


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