Jeongseon Arirang (Arari) No.1 Intangible Cultural Property of Gangwon-do


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Jeongseon Arirang (Arari) No.1 Intangible Cultural Property of Gangwon-do +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1971.11.16
location Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
Jeongseon Arirang is also known as "Arari," a folk song unique to Jeongseon, which contains the living feelings of the residents of Jeongseon Mountain Village.

It is said that Jeongseon Arirang was the first time that the scholars who served the Goryeo Dynasty began to sing poems about loyalty and longing for their hometowns while hiding in Jeongseon when Goryeo collapsed.

The lyrics are mainly composed of love between men and women, separation, sinse-tan, poetry, or satire, but the lyrics and lyrics vary from one song to another, such as the sorrow and sorrow of a nation without a country during Japanese colonial era. Jeongseon Arirang has an appeal that the contents of the editorial are sad and sad, the woven parts clearly convey the editorial, and the drooping parts scream.

If Jindo Arirang is upbeat, exciting, and its craftiness stands out, Miryang Arirang is stiff and masculine. In comparison, Jeongseon Arirang has a simple but female sigh in its calm flow.

Currently, Yoo Young-ran, Kim Nam-gi, Kim Hyung-jo, and Kim Gil-ja are active as holders of Jeongseon Arirang, and Choi Bong-chul is recognized as honorary holders.


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