Busan Intangible Cultural Property No.4 Dongnae Jisinbapgi (Dongnaejisinbapgi)


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Busan Intangible Cultural Property No.4 Dongnae Jisinbapgi (Dongnaejisinbapgi) +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1977.12.13
location Dongnae-gu, Busanggwangyeok-si
One of the folk games handed down in Dongnae area is a form of folk belief-like village exorcism that soothes the spirit and repels evil spirits.

Jisinbapgi is a kind of mask parade that has been performed on the fifteenth of lunar January for a long time. It is religious to pray for the peace of the village and family and to pray for a good harvest of the year. The current Dongnae Jisinbapgi was reconstructed from the late Joseon Dynasty into a circular shape and refined into a folk game from around 1970.

Dongnae Jisinbapgi prepares musical instruments, costumes, and tools in December of the lunar calendar, and it is composed of 35 people from all classes of Joseon Dynasty, including four daebu, catcher, Hadong, and Gaksi, to practice playing. The nobleman is qualified for general command, and Hadong and the catcher serve as the counterpart to boost the excitement. The humorous lines of Hadong and the catcher against the nobleman contain satire that ridicule the nobleman.

The play consists of the four madangs of Jusan Jisinpuri, Dangsan Jisinpuri, well Jisinpuri, and Saengwonjipnip Jisinpuri. They hold ancestral rites in Jusan and Dangsan, and then come down to the village to hold a rite in the village well spring. Finally, Jisinbapgi is performed from house to house. If you step on the authority, the landlord offers liquor, grain, and money as examples, and grain and money are spent on joint projects in the village.

Unlike other folk games, which focus on pungmul nori, Dongnaeji Sinsinbapgi is characterized by a gutgeori rhythm and a deobaegi dance. Currently, the Busan Folk Arts Preservation Association and Jeongsu School are striving to transfer and distribute the art.


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