Daegu Metropolitan City Intangible Cultural Property No.4 Cheonwangmaegi


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Daegu Metropolitan City Intangible Cultural Property No.4 Cheonwangmaegi +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1989.6.15
location Seo-gu, Daegugwangyeok-si
Cheonwangmaegi refers to the Jisinpuri, which residents of the Bisan-dong area used to do at the beginning of January every year to the kings of Gicheon, Jungcheon and Malcheon, who have been supported as gods for a long time ago. Jisinpuri is a religious village event that repels evil spirits and evil spirits by suppressing Jisin (a god in charge of the land) in the first lunar month, praying for peace in the village, good harvests, and family blessings. The folk instruments such as kkwaenggwari, Jing, drum, janggu, Soenap, and other poems wearing masks, sang Jisinpuri and sang songs from house to house.

It is said that the heavenly trees, shrines, and mountains were located in the place where each heavenly king was located, and that the shrine contained images of the heavenly king. The process of the event will be followed by Daenaerim, the selection of a priest, Jilgut in front of the shrine, Mungut in front of the Sadangmun Gate, reading a congratulatory message, Cheonwangmaegi, and Pangut. Usually, Jisinbapgi is performed from door to door, and Cheonwangmaegi in Bisan-dong is characterized by a village ritual that ends with exciting music and dancing in the front yard of the shrine.


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