The 5th Intangible Cultural Property of Gwangju Metropolitan City (Cheongjadogong)


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The 5th Intangible Cultural Property of Gwangju Metropolitan City (Cheongjadogong) +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1986.9.29
location , Gwangjugwangyeok-si
Celadon ware refers to a person or technique that makes Goryeo porcelain represented by celadon. Although celadon, which is referred to as Goryeo monument, has been cut off in the course of time, efforts to find Goryeo monument continue. Gangjin and Buan, which are centered around Gwangju, have a reputation for their celadon pieces.

The production process is Zeto and plastic surgery.Go through the process of sculpture, poetry, plasticity, etc. The clay process breaks stones into powder and mixes the soil. In the case of celadon, the coarse and bad clay and white clay are mixed in a ratio of 7:3. After mixing them, they go through a defensive process to remove impurities, and then they build up the clay. After the molding is over, place the crushed soil on a spinning wheel to form an object. After the molding, dry it and carve the pattern with a knife. They then grill the first batch, apply glaze, and then roast the chaebol. When grilled pork belly meat is done, the work is completed. The production equipment includes a spinning wheel, bat, earth gourd, cart, water leather, iron holtae, neckholtae, and electric knife.

Celadon ware was designated as an intangible cultural asset to protect and transfer traditional crafts that express the beauty of Korea. Cho Ki-jung, who lives in Gwangju, continues his career through the establishment of a research institute and a work exhibition.


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