Jeollanam-do Intangible Cultural Property No.6 Hwasun Hancheon Nongak


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Jeollanam-do Intangible Cultural Property No.6 Hwasun Hancheon Nongak +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1979.8.3
location Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do
Nongak is the music played by farmers when they squeeze their dure and play percussion instruments such as kkwaenggwari, Jingo, Jango, and drum. According to the purpose of performing nongak, the types can be divided into Dangsan Gut, Madang Bapgi, Gulip Gut, Duregut, Pangut, Kiuje Gut, and Baegut. If classified according to regional characteristics, they are divided into Gyeonggi Nongak, Yeongdong Nongak, Honam Jwado Nongak, Gyeongnam Nongak, and Gyeongbuk Nongak.

The nongak of Jeollanam-do can be largely divided into Jwa-do, Udo, and Seobuan-gut, based on the manner of the procession, costume, and musicality. Among them, Jwa-do-gut is a nongak developed in the mountainous region of northeastern Jeollanam-do, and has the characteristics of excellent group play and fast rhythm and movement. So, while focusing on the top play, the bottom play Goodpap gives the impression that it is light and continuous. Hwasun Hancheon Nongak belonged to Jwa-do-gut and was handed down about 200 years ago. Chagut is particularly well developed.

Currently, Noh Seung-dae is recognized as the holder of entertainment in Hwacheon Nongak.


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