Busan Intangible Cultural Property No. 7 Dadaepohuri Sori


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Busan Intangible Cultural Property No. 7 Dadaepohuri Sori +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1987.7.2
location Saha-gu, Busanggwangyeok-si
The sound of Dadaepo's hoo-ri is a labor song sung by the beach while hoo-ri-jil for anchovies, accompanied by the movement according to the sequence of work. Singing individually or collectively as one of the folk songs, the song may vary depending on the region.

Dadaepo Huri is a pre-release style in which one person sings a song and several others sing it. The story is about the sound of carrying a net into a fishing ground and loading it onto a boat, the dragon-king ritual, the rowing of a fishing boat, the sound of fishermen singing while pulling a string of rice from both sides, the sound of a net that they sing while picking a net, and the sound of a lyric that they sing while carrying anchovies into a storage container.

Dadaepo Huali is a folk song with characteristics of this area, and it reproduces and preserves the words and methods required to catch anchovies, and has high folk, musical, and cultural value. Currently, the Dadaepo Hoorisori Preservation Society is striving to win and distribute the song.


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