Daejeon Intangible Cultural Property No.7 Somokjang (Wood Furniture Making)


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Daejeon Intangible Cultural Property No.7 Somokjang (Wood Furniture Making) +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1999.5.26
location Jung-gu, Daejeonggwangyeok-si
The term "Somokjang" means a carpenter who has the skills and functions of making wooden furniture such as a building door, window, a wardrobe, a chest, a guard post, a desk, and a door-gap.

Wood furniture was produced in a specific area and was not supplied nationwide, but was produced according to the characteristics of each region, as it was a daily product that had been in constant demand. Since Korea has an ondol room structure, the ceiling is low and the interior is relatively narrow. Therefore, it has different characteristics from Chinese furniture, which has a large standard and emphasized decorative aspects, in that small and simple practical furniture has been formalized to reduce the visual burden and secure a large living space. Dried ink, zelkova, stone pear, paulownia, and sesame porridge are used naturally for four to five years. Traditional tools are used to produce traditional furniture with features such as bookkeeping, ladder and hidden lotus flowers.

The small ranch is a traditional craftsmanship, and Bang Dae-geun has been recognized as a functional holder, continuing its existence.


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