Busan Yeongsanjae, Intangible Cultural Property No. 9 of Busan Metropolitan City


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Busan Yeongsanjae, Intangible Cultural Property No. 9 of Busan Metropolitan City +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1993.4.20
location Sasang-gu, Busanggwangyeok-si
Yeongsanjae is a ritual to recreate the sermon held by the Buddha at Yeongchisan Mountain, and is the largest ritual in Buddhism for the spiritual ascension.

The ritual procedure first involves hanging pictures of Buddha on the open air and the ordeal of bringing objects from outside the temple. After a ceremony to clean up the place where the ceremony is held, and to collect and clean the minds of the participants, a ceremony is held to offer sacrifices and make wishes to the spirits who are to be offered sacrifices and sacrifices.

Then, he reads a congratulatory message to the people who prepared Yeongsanjae, wishing for more specific wishes. After the reading, all participants read the scriptures in a row around the temple, led by the monk who conducted the ceremony. Finally, Yeongsanjae is finished by holding a ceremony to send back the souls of the gods.

Busan Yeongsanjae Hill has been around Tongdosa and Beomeosa Temple for a long time. The origin, composition, and procedure are unique and simple, and the composition of the composition of the dance is unique, and the butterfly dance has a slow and majestic dance and its contents. The panhandle has a wide range of rhythms, original and plain.

Currently, Busan Yeongsanjae is striving to win and preserve the Busan Yeongsanjae Preservation Society.


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