Gangwon-do Intangible Cultural Property No.9 Cheorwon Sangnoori Gyeongdajigi


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Gangwon-do Intangible Cultural Property No.9 Cheorwon Sangnoori Gyeongdajigi +

Classification Intangible Cultural Properties / Ceremonies / Ceremonies of Civil Faith
Designated date 2000.7.1
location Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do
Jigyeongdajigi refers to the work of building a new house. It is a cooperative labor where the people of the neighborhood gather together, and it contains a sense of chasing and blessing disasters. Sangnoji jigyeongdajigi can be seen as originated from the traditional life of agricultural society beyond the simple meaning of turdajigi.

The Cheorwon Sangnoriji Gyeongdajigi can be divided into three fields: ritual, jigyeongdajigi, and yeoheung nori. Proposal is a shamanistic ritual that aims to prevent the anger of the intellect that can be caused by touching the ground before engaging in a war of nerves. Jisin is active only at night, so he lights a torch in the evening, and the owner becomes Jeju, reads a congratulatory message and performs a rite. After the ritual, people who participated in the jigyeongdajigi put the jigyeongdol in the middle and hold the jigyeongjipjari line and strengthen the site. As you iron out the horizon, you sing the labor songs of the jigsaw and phlegm, and the first paragraph of the song is about the origin of the region, the environment of the house, the history of the landlord, and so on, and so on, improvising according to the circumstances. When the jigyeong daggi is over, it leads to a play of entertainment and plays with alcohol and food until late at night.

The Cheorwon Sangnori Gyeongdajigi offers a glimpse of the traditional folk culture and tradition of agricultural life.


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