Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No. 10 Bawijeol Village Hosang Nori


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Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No. 10 Bawijeol Village Hosang Nori +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1996.9.30
location , Seoulteukbyeol-si
Hosang Nori, a traditional folk game in Seoul's Gangdong area, is also known as Ssangsangyeo Hosang Nori. Hosang Nori is a playful game if it is a portrait of a person who has a good family life and long life, and it is a game where singers and bier people gather the night before to sing a folk song all night long so that they can safely go on a rough road when they are on the rise.

The Hosang Nori in Rockjeol Village is led by a good singer in front of the bier by 36 biers, which are very large compared to ordinary bier carried by about 10 people. When the bier leaves the house, he sings the trick before carrying the bier, and as he leaves the house, he calls the incense burner to console his soul and honor his achievements and virtues. It is very exciting to see the bier moving forward as if it were pushed back. In the appearance, the coffin was lowered and the deceased built a tomb to build a dwelling where he would live for thousands of years. They sang various virtues and a song called Bangataryeong, which is a unique custom of rockjeol Village.

As Amsa-dong was incorporated into the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the 1960s, Hosang Nori in Rockjeol Village completely disappeared due to the development of Rockjeol Village and the wave of urbanization, but its original form was restored more than 30 years after it was cut off by meaningful people.

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