Palace Market No. 16 Intangible Cultural Property of North Chungcheong Province


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Palace Market No. 16 Intangible Cultural Property of North Chungcheong Province +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property / Traditional Technology / Craft
Designated date 2006.11.24
location Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
A palace market is a person who has the ability to make bows and arrows. A person who makes bows is called a mayor who makes bows and arrows.

Arrows were used in wooden, iron, pyeonjeon, donggaesal, Janggunjeon, and Sejeon. However, the most commonly used ones are yuyeopjeon, which was used for shamanism and practice during the Joseon Dynasty. The yuyeopjeon is about 85cm long and weighs 26.25g (7 sentences), but there are some differences depending on the average person and the bow. Ingredients should be used to surround the sari tree oroni, which will be used to make bamboo and oni, with a pheasant feel, a timbre, and a boulevard. Tools should be equipped with saws, julkal, awl, joldae, indu, scale, pride, mercy, whole grass, crucible, ear-shaped glasses, jolkajabi, brazier, and wooden tongs. When the arrow is completed with the above materials and tools, the last touch is to grab the pawn and rub it with a hammer to polish it. However, there are two types of arrows, so there is a distinction between the right hand and the left hand for the left hand bow.

Yang Tae-hyun entered the Joseon Dynasty at the age of 16 as a student of Jo Myeong-je (the mayor of an important intangible cultural asset) and Cho Gi-seon, who holds the function of the market, and has been continuing to produce traditional bamboo poems for about 40 years.


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