Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No.18 Minhwajang


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Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No.18 Minhwajang +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 1996.12.31
location , Seoulteukbyeol-si
A folk painting refers to a practical painting drawn according to daily life and customs, focusing on the decoration of living space, and the person who paints such folk painting is called a folk painting. Folk paintings were especially popular in the late Joseon Dynasty, as paintings by ordinary people and the working class. Most of them were painted by unknown or wandering artists who did not study painting properly, so there is no optimism (painting a name or an arc) of the painter.

Folk paintings have been continuously painted over the years, deeply rooted in the lives of ordinary people from the upper court to the lower court. The material is also diverse, so there is no limit to the material. From landscape, flower, and genre paintings simply for decorative purposes to folklore, Buddhism, and Confucian folk paintings, the subject matter is endless. As a characteristic of technique, it was painted by an unprofessional artist, so the spatial composition is diverse and free. It also has few dark and dull colors, bright and clear, primary and colorful.

Folk paintings have long been preserved as the most intimate joy of life by portraying materials related to Korean thought, faith and life. Minhwajang was designated as an intangible cultural asset as a folk craft technique that reflects and expresses the thoughts of ordinary people. On December 31, 1996, Kim Man-hee was recognized as the holder of the civil cremation function of intangible cultural heritage and passed down our unique folk painting techniques, and was recognized as an honorary holder on April 13, 2017.

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