Busan Intangible Cultural Property No. 20 Mokjogakjang


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Busan Intangible Cultural Property No. 20 Mokjogakjang +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2013.5.8
location Gangseo-gu, Busanggwangyeok-si
○ Lee Hee-ok, the owner of the wooden sculpture, has been working as a sculptor for more than 40 years since he entered Buddhist sculpture at the age of 15. As a sculptor, he also clearly inherits the Buddhist scriptures and the genealogy of the wooden figurines, as well as the genealogy of the late Joseon Dynasty.

○ In particular, the work was carried out based on traditional tools and traditional methods of production. Based on the use of traditional tools and thorough research and understanding of Buddhist paintings, not only the traditional method of enshrinement has been adhered to, but the function has reached a considerable level, with steady efforts to create Buddha statues suitable for the environment of newly-established temples.

And his works seem to contain not only the outward perfection of the succession of non-belief but also the sanctity of Buddhist holy treasures.

○ Lee Hee-ok, the holder of the wooden sculpture, is well qualified to designate and recognize Busan Metropolitan City-designated intangible cultural assets, including the fact that he has a clear line of law and succession, combined with systematic theories and outstanding functions on traditional sculpting techniques, and that he inherits the tradition of Cho Gak-seung, who has been cut off since modern times.


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