Incheon Intangible Cultural Property No.20 Hwimori Japga


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Incheon Intangible Cultural Property No.20 Hwimori Japga +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2008.12.10
location Seo-gu, Incheonggwangyeok-si
As one of the most popular songs from the late Joseon Dynasty to the early 20th century, it is said to be a song of professional entertainers, such as gisaeng, Sadangpae, and singers, to sing long editorials in technical musical terms, and is used as a concept that distinguishes it from folk songs, which are simple songs of non-professionals.

Whimori japga is a japga, which means driving fast, and is sung standing up. The editorial content of the Janghyeong Sijo is divided into three parts, and it is composed of humorous and interesting speech skills, and although there are many similarities with the private Sijo, it is distinguished between the rhythm and the singing style.

When the singers sang, they often sang a long japga at first, followed by a chorus, and then a whistle japga at the end.

The current Hwimori japga includes Gombo Taryeong, Sanmae Japa, Manhakcheonbong, Yuk Chilwol, Cloudy Day, Hanjan Buira, Byeongjeong Taryeong, Sungum Taryeong, Gisaeng Taryeong, Rock Taryeong, Bidan Taryeong, and Maengkong Taryeong.


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