Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 27-4 Goyang Sangyeo Women's Association Dajisori


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Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 27-4 Goyang Sangyeo Women's Association Dajisori +

Classification Intangible Cultural Properties / Ceremonies / Ceremonies of Civil Faith
Designated date 2017.6.16
location Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Goyang Bier and Hoedaji sound refers to a funeral ritual song that is being passed down around the Kimnyeong Kim Clan 寧金 집 Jipseong Village in Daehwa-ri, Songpo-myeon, Goyang.

Kim Yu-bong (1725 years old) of Kimnyeong Kim Clan restored the tradition of the funeral of Kim Seong-gwon (1867), who was in charge of the construction of civil engineering and royal palaces.

At that time, the size of bier was three times larger than that of ordinary merchants, and the number of full-length biers reached about 250. The mourning procession reached 5 ri (2 km) and the food served to the mourners at the time was not enough to cover 12 bags of rice.

It was said to have been a large-scale custom.

When a portrait is made in Daehwa-ri, Songpo-myeon, the mourning rites bow to the deceased of the bier who leaves for Jangji-dong, and the bier people call out the sound of salt and hush. When you leave the house, you will hear the sound of a badger, and you will hear the sound of voluntary bier as you walk fast or climb up a hill. When you reach the burial site, you sing the long salt fire and then put down the bier. When Gwangjung 壙中中, a pit for the tomb where the dead are placed, is established, the long sound is sung while playing the dalgu sori, Yangsan-do, Bangataryeong, Nolnori, Jutdasori, Sangsasori, and flutter.

It is characterized by treading outside the middle of the mine when the moon is being burned in the Goyang area. This is believed to have been influenced by Joseon Dynasty royal tombs. There are many royal tombs in this area, and it is said to be a custom that originated from stepping outside the mine because it is impossible to step on the Nara.

Currently, Kim Woo-gyu, the chairman of the conservation committee, is trying to win the event through the Goyang Sangyeo Daji Sori Preservation Association. In 2010, Wiesbaden, Germany, Carnival carried out, and the show, invited to the Japanese military sexual slavery after 2012.

The victims' marriage is held every year.


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