Jeollanam-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 29 Pansori


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Jeollanam-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 29 Pansori +

Classification Intangible Cultural Heritage / Traditional Performing Arts / Music
Designated date 1996.10.14
location Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
Pansori refers to a singer who intertwines a long story by mixing a spear (sound), a horse (anirli), and a gesture (a shape) in tune with the rhythm of a drummer (a (a drummer).

Pansori was famous for its eight famous pansori singers from around 1834 (r. 1800 to 1834). The rhythms and tunes of the pansori were developed as they are today. The pansori was divided according to regions such as Dongpyeonje (Northeast of Jeolla Province), Seopyeonje (South Jeolla Province), and Jungdongje (Gyeonggi Province and Chungcheong Province).

Among them, the sound of Dongpyeonje passed down from Song Heung-rok to Song Gwang-rok, Park Man-soon, Song Woo-ryong, Song Man-gap, and Yoo Seong-jun was loud. The sound of Dongpyeonje is composed of a thick, grand ornamentation that uses a lot of the tune of Useong, one of the five tones, and makes the voice heavy and the tail of the sound short.

At the time of Pansori, the length of one yard was not that long, so the number of pansori twelve madangs was high, but now only Chunhyangga, Simcheongga, Sugungga, Heungbo, and Jeokbyeokga are handed down because of the five pansori or five batangs of Pansori.

Heungboga is one of the five pansori yards and is also called Baktaryeong. Heungbo, a poor and good brother, fixed the broken swallow leg and planted the gourd seed that the swallow had brought to him to become rich. Nolbo, a generous and greedy brother, broke the swallow leg and planted the gourd seed that the swallow had brought, and made a pansori of the story that the pansori tells the story.

Park Jeong-rye, whose Dongpyeonje Heungbo was designated as a holder of entertainment, came from a traditional pansori family that had been associated with pansori since her grandfather's generation, and spent her entire life with pansori. Currently, Suncheon Gugak Center is training its students for the victory of Heungboga, the Dongpyeonje.


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