Chungnam Intangible Cultural Property No. 30 Cheongyang-gujijiaju


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Chungnam Intangible Cultural Property No. 30 Cheongyang-gujijiaju +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2000.9.20
location Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Cheongyang Gujijiaju, which has been handed down from the family of Hadong Jeong Clan in Cheongyang, has been a traditional secret recipe for more than 150 years since it was made by adding roots, leaves, stems, and caterpillars as the main ingredients of high-quality rice and potters.

The potter is now widely used as a drink material as well as an essential herbal medicine, especially when taken by drinkers, as his efficacy has been recognized, such as energy enhancement, adult disease treatment, eye protection, skin beauty, improvement of concentration, and cleanliness.

Using such a highly effective reporter, Immungeunsul is a liquor that contains the medicinal properties of the reporter, and is characterized by a reddish color with a rich fragrance and refreshing taste and a clean hangover without any hangover.


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