Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No.31 Dancheongjang


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Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No.31 Dancheongjang +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2003.9.25
location , Seoulteukbyeol-si
Dancheong refers to the act of painting buildings, sculptures, Buddhist paintings, and crafts using pigments. Therefore, the base material is diverse, including stone, clay wall, wood, iron paste, leather, and paper, and dancheong, which is most representative of which is colored by horses or wooden architecture that encompasses the concept of western painting, is painted on subsidiary materials. The role of dancheong is especially important in wooden buildings. It is painted on wood or walls of buildings to prevent other corrosion and dryness in rain, wind, and climate change to increase durability. The patterns of Dancheon vary widely depending on the type of architectural materials and the nature of the building, respectively. Dancheongjang is not just painting buildings or painting patterns, but also producing Buddhist paintings such as tangs that require painting skills.

On September 25, 2003, Yang Yong-ho was recognized as the holder of the event.

※ For detailed information on the above cultural assets, please refer to the Seoul Metropolitan Government Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage (202-2133-2616).


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