Hanjibaljang - Jeollabuk-do Intangible Cultural Property No.31


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Hanjibaljang - Jeollabuk-do Intangible Cultural Property No.31 +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2005.3.11
location Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
☆Yoo Bae-geun was born in 1953 and was studied by his father Yu Yang-su. He won a number of prizes, including the Jeonbuk Craft Competition.

Hanjibal is the most essential tool for making hanji(traditional paper). The production items are hanji oebal(a Bal), hanji ssangbal(a pair of Bal), and pattern Bal.

Hanjibal is the most important things to activate our hanji, especially in order to revive our traditional Korean oebal, which are now disappearing due to the Japanese style of ssangbal.

Yu Bae-geun is well versed in the complex and detailed process of processing bamboo and horse tails, so the level of Hanji-bal manufacturing technology is excellent.


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