Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No. 37 Okjang


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Seoul Intangible Cultural Property No. 37 Okjang +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2006.8.24
location , Seoulteukbyeol-si
A jade burial refers to a craftsmanship or craftsman who grinds jade to make various ornaments and objects. The jade was used as an ornament to symbolize the virtues of phosphorus, righteousness, paper, dragon, and angle, and was used in many ways, including walls, bells, regulations, jang, ho, Hwang, and other weapons, instruments such as Okgyeong, medicinal materials, and medical supplies. The jade had great pavilions and pavilions, and the good jade was rare, making it difficult to secure materials. The process of making jade is largely divided into six stages: quarrying, drawing, cutting, molding, carving, and polishing. The jade court should have a high level of artistry, along with an accurate prediction when designing jade pickings and gemstones, and skilled techniques for delicate and elaborate sculptures.

On Aug. 17, 2006 eomik been recognition of activity in the holder of the character.

bbb※※ For detailed information on the above cultural assets, please refer to the Seoul Metropolitan Government Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage (202-2133-2616). </bb


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