Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 45 Hanryangmu


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Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 45 Hanryangmu +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2014.5.15
location , Seoulteukbyeol-si
Hanryangmu is a dance drama-style dance with a combination of acting, dance, and rhythm according to its role, which is characterized by a comprehensive artistic character.

The story of Han-ryang and a Buddhist monk seducing a woman adds to the fun of the viewers.

Mask dance dramas such as "Hallyangmu" have been popular throughout the country for a long time. First of all, if you look at the dance that appeared in "Gyobangga," which was performed in Jinju by Reverend Jeong Hyeon-deok in 1872, Hanryang, Gisaeng, Noseung, Sangjwa, and Sogi (Young Gisaengsaeng) appeared in the form of a dance drama.

On May 15, 2014, Cho Hung-dong and Ko Sun-ah were recognized as the owners of the hallyang and bridegroom, respectively. The holding organization is the Hanseong Quillu Gangseonyeong Dance Preservation Society.

※For more information on the above cultural assets, please contact the Seoul Metropolitan Government Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage (☎02-2133-2616).


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