ToegyewonSandae Nori No.52 Intangible Cultural Property of Gyeonggi-do


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ToegyewonSandae Nori No.52 Intangible Cultural Property of Gyeonggi-do +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property
Designated date 2010.8.2
location Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
The culture of Gyeonggi-do is based on the popular culture, but it also incorporates a luxurious and refined court culture. Sandae nori is a cultural heritage that shows this well.

Toegyewon Sandae Nori refers to mask Nori, which is handed down in Toegyewon, Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. In the Joseon Dynasty, Toegyewon was the center of transportation and was a place where commerce developed. As the road to Hanyang was frequented by people, Sandae nori Yeonhui was popular.

The performers were supported by merchants and rich people by setting the time for their regular performances, and based on this, they toured other regions.

Toegyewon Sandae Nori consists of a dance and a play that dances and sings to the accompaniment of music, just like other masquerade plays, and consists of a total of 12 chapters.

Songs are the sounds of the Sunsori system based on Gyeonggi folk songs, and include 'Youth Song', 'Changbu Taryeong' and 'Baekgu Taryeong'. The dance moves are largely divided into the dance of grandeur and the dance of sesame, and there are fifteen basic dances. The dance line is bold and powerful.

In common with the Bon Sandae Nori, a fallen nobleman, servants, old men, grandmothers, and concubines appear to reveal the reality, satire, and laughter. The masks of Toegyewon Sandae nori were made by carving logs, compared to the masks of Yangju Sandae nori as the main ingredient of the masks of Toegyewon Sandae nori are unique.

In particular, among the 16 Sandae Nori masks made around 1865, the words "Gyeongbok Palace Joyeong Time Using Toegyewon-ri Sandaedogam in Yangju-gun" are engraved on the back of the mask, enhancing the historical and cultural value of Toegyewon Sandae Nori.


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