National Intangible Cultural Property No. 72 Jindo Sushi Kimgut


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

National Intangible Cultural Property No. 72 Jindo Sushi Kimgut +

Classification Intangible Cultural Properties / Ceremonies / Ceremonies of Civil Faith
Designated date 1980.11.17
location Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do
Jindo Sushi Kimgut is a ritual in Jindo area that wishes the spirit of the dead to go to a pleasant and comfortable world after solving the lingering resentment in this world. It is called washinggimgut because it cleanses the resentment.

Because of its strong Buddhist nature, it seems to have been made during the Goryeo Dynasty, and the contents of the rite vary depending on time and place.

Gwakmeori Washing Gimgut, which is performed next to the corpse when the portrait is made, and 'Sosang Washing Gimgut'On the night of death on the night of the second year's death'Daesang Washinggut'When the sick or bad things happen frequently in the house, and when the tomb is temporarily built (at the beginning of the burial), the grave, the funeral.

The order of washing gimgut is to announce the celebration to the ancestors and the Cao Wangban on the day of King Cho's descent or the city's assembly, 'Honmaji'Honmangseok'that brings out the souls of the dead, 'Churimaji', which delights the souls of the souls of the dead, and the friends of the dead who serve the dead. *'Wangpul', 'Soulp', 'Samegappul'Samepole'Samepole'Samepole'Semplating the dead for not getting the medicine, 'Snowing', to see if the dead man's grudge has been relieved when his family or relatives hold hands, the dead man's soul comes down and says grudges.

The music of Jindo Sushi Kimgut will be composed of a flute, daegeum, haegeum, jango, and gong, centering on Yukjabaegimok (Sinawimok). The shaman is dressed in simple clothes, such as white clothes and scarlet bands, and performs the Jijeon dance, which is similar to the Buddhist monk's robe, and solves the resentment of the dead. The song is in the form of a single syllable and a long verse that carries the sound and receives the sound from the back, and is very exciting and beautiful with the sound of the melody and various refined woodwork.

Jindo Sushi Kimgut is a Buddhist ritual that wishes for the safety of not only the dead but also the living, and has excellent artistic elements and great material value in dance and music.


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