Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 63 Jihwajang


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 63 Jihwajang +

Classification Intangible Cultural Property / Traditional Technology / Craft
Designated date 2017.11.21
location Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Flag and entertainment for producing "paper flowers (jihwa)" for traditional Korean paper, which are used in traditional rituals and Buddhist ceremonies by natural dyeing of traditional Korean paper.

- There are a total of 17 types of finger paintings in possession of functions, including wood, peony, etc., and 13 types of pigments collected from plants are mixed and used for dyeing.

Made by repeatedly folding, cutting, pasting, and tying dyed paper with a string.

- Ingredients include hanji that makes flower petals and flower shapes, and bamboo, sari trees and grass for adhesion needed to make flower beds.


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