National Intangible Cultural Property No. 84-1 Goseong Nongyo


Everlasting Legacies of Korea

National Intangible Cultural Property No. 84-1 Goseong Nongyo +

Classification Intangible Cultural Heritage / Traditional Performing Arts / Music
Designated date 1985.12.1
location Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Goseong Nongyo has been handed down in Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do. Goseong Nongyo is mainly composed of farming sounds that begin from the end of the summer and is also called 'Dungji', which is the Gyeongsang-do dialect of rice planting.

Goseong Nongyo includes the sound of mochi, which is sung while steaming unknowns, the sound of planting rice seedlings, the sound of cutting barley, the sound of the boss singing when dried seaweed, and the sound of samsamgi sung by women, and the spinning wheel sung by spinning wheels.

The lyrics of Goseong Nongyo are rich in the living emotions of farmers in this village, and it is full of local sentiment.

Goseong Nongyo is a song of Gyeongsang-do, which has a rough and tough Gyeongsang-do style. However, due to its geographical influence, it has a musical structure based on the Gyemyunjo melody of Jeolla-do.


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