Soul Source Meets Kim Yul-hee


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Soul Source Meets Kim Yul-hee

Noh Seon-taek and Soul Sauce are the Roots Reggae bands formed in Seoul in 2015 with the leader No Seon-taek at the center.
Starting in April 2017, the collaboration with singer Kim Yul-hee began and released the version of "No Choice and Soul Source Meets Kim Yul-hee" in March 2019.

Pansori Singer Kim Yul-hee Profile (born 1988)
Graduation from National Gugak High School
Graduated from Chung-Ang University's Department of Music and Drama
Graduate School of Korean Music at Chung-Ang University
No.5 Pansori Chunhyangga Lee Su-ja of the National Intangible Cultural Festival
a member of the Korean traditional music group 'Baraji'

The 16th Southern Folk Song of 2013.Winner of the Individual Grand Prize in the General Department of the Gyeongchang Competition
2015 KBS Gugak Awards Group Award (Baraji)