a singer who plays the gayageum - Jeon Hai-ok


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a singer who plays the gayageum - Jeon Hai-ok

Gayageum ByeongChang 'Jeon Hai-ok' Profile (born 1981)

Graduate from Chonnam National University's College of Arts with a senior degree in Korean classical music (three years early)
Graduated from the Department of Korean Traditional Music at Yongin University Graduate School of Culture and Arts
National Intangible Cultural Property No. 23 Gayageum Sanjo and Byeongchang Yi Su-ja
Grand Prize in Gayageum Byeongchang Jangwon at the 40th Jeonju Daeseok Nori National Competition in 2014
2016-2017 Next Generation Artist
Winning the Presidential Award at the 29th Gimhae National Night Competition in 2019