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  • 2016.8.8
    release date
    The introduction is an EDM song (Crossover) that combines dance halls and electronic houses, a genre that is sweeping the U.S. billboards these days.

    The powerful chorus drop part, which is full of energy, is a precursor to the song's height, giving a twist and filling it with intense drum beats and unique synth sounds.

    Boombayah Hook, who cries out for her brother, catches her ears and makes her even more excited.

    Expressing my confident and charismatic self, the lyrics include my desire to forget everything and dance with you today.
  • 2016.8.8
    release date
    In the beginning, it features a whistling-themed melody line based on production using 808 drums and bass, and a water drop effect that tickles your ears, and is an addictive hip-hop song that allows you to taste both rap and appealing singing skills that seem to play with beats.

    The whistling hook in the chorus captures enough to keep humming once you hear it, and the lyrics express that you are the only true love among all the men who look at me, and that you are the only one who desperately wants to confirm that love.
  • 2021.8.8
    Release date
    It is a "Rock Trot" genre song that properly crosses over the rock elements of cool and heavy rhythm and Trot's unique way of expressing our life's history in a serious way.

    Starting with a sad yet beautiful accordion performance, it is an addictive song that combines luxurious string melodies, rock trot's signature sound, cool electric guitar, rhythm, and appealing vocals.

    I hope it will be a precious time to look back on your surroundings and yourself in your daily life through "That's the way to live."
  • 2021.8.9
    Release date
    It is a unique hip-hop genre song with a sophisticated melody and a track that freely changes to the rhythm.

    The lyrics of "THRILL RIDE", which can feel thrilling emotions and feelings, are attractive, and it is a song that you can feel THE BOYZ's cool summer to the fullest.
  • 2021.8.9
    Release date
    The voices of cool members such as a midsummer soda and the drop part's Flute blend together to give a refreshing summer feel.

    When the intro melody, which is sung on a simple piano accompaniment, is repeated again in the second half, the mood is also the point that leads the narrative of the song.

    It is expected to be a steady summer song that will come to mind every summer.
  • 1989.8.10
    release date
    ♡She made his debut in 1978 when he participated in the 2nd MBC College Song Festival and won the gold prize for 'On the Way Back Home'.

    The song from the second album released in 1989 'Meeting' became a national song by winning the Golden Cup of K-pop Top Ten in 1990, the following year. It is also considered a favorite song for North Korean defectors.
  • 2020.8.10
    Release Date
    It's about jumping into an unknown space that connects you and me.
  • 2020.8.12
    release date
    Park Jin-young and Sunmi met in the music world 'Dancing King' Great chemistry! With Park Jin-young's disco, let's have fun in the K-pop scene in 2020!

    Music video with fancy performances! Hot disco fever!
  • 2009.8.13
    release date
    Written by Bang Si-hyuk, who has been working well with Baek Ji-young, "Candy to My Ears" is a song that drew attention as 2PM Ok Taek-yeon participated as a featured artist.

    Ok Taek-yeon was also involved in music videos and music broadcasts as well as featuring.
  • 2020.8.14
    release date
    It is an intense break beat genre song with a step-by-step element on a dynamic rhythm driven by a bass line expressing speed, and member Mark himself participated in composing and writing the song.

    It is also a song that you can enjoy SuperM's powerful performance with a message called "We go 100!" which contains a message that you want to charge 100% of the energy of the listeners together, and it is not impossible and you can feel the positive energy to move forward with all your might.

    The team brings together seven outstanding artists, including SHINee Taemin, EXO Baekhyun and Kai, NCT 127's Taeyong and Mark, and Chinese groups WayV Lucas and Ten, to present "Super" synergy.
  • 2018.8.14
    Release date
    It is a self-composed song by member So-yeon that expresses betrayal, separation, and feelings left alone as a double material called "han."

    From the introduction, Minnie's whistling, which stimulates the hearing and draws attention, creates a unique and cool atmosphere, leaving a strong lingering scent to the listener.

    The heavy and calm drum beat takes center stage, and the organ sound captivating the ears leads the overall atmosphere of the song dreamily and mysteriously.

    The vocal tones of the six members melted down over layers of various native instrument sources.

    Just like how he was actively dancing for his loved one, the direct lyrics of the song, which does not collapse even if he is hurt by a breakup, make him feel cold.

    You will find yourself enchanted by (girls) who shout, "I will forget you like a spell.
  • 2020.8.14
    Release date
    It is an electronic pop song with a rhythmical yet dreamy atmosphere, and the heavy base and the ever-increasing composition leave a strong impression.

    It sings of a strong attraction to a new world that unknowingly falls into, and Wonho's delicate vocals also attract attention.
  • 1983.8.15
    release date
    [1992 Concert Video]

    Kim Soo-chul's "Byul-ri," which is reminiscent of a tune from a pansori, is considered a masterpiece of his first album released in 1983, along with "A Flower that Didn't bloom."

    The song is quite different from "The Seven-Colored Rainbow," which was sung in the group's small giant days.

    It can be seen as a Korean traditional musician born after his attempt to incorporate Korean sentiment into rock music.
  • 1983.8.16
    release date
    ♡ In the late '70s, he appeared in public with the college group "Little Giant" and excited many fans with his small, passionate sound and stage manners, and in the '80s, he enjoyed the peak popularity of his numerous hit songs as a solo artist.

    By attempting various genres of music, he established an unrivaled world of music through composing and directing international music for events such as film music, traditional Korean compositions, dance music, drama music, Tripitaka Koreana music, 86 Asian Games music, 88 Olympic music, and the opening ceremony of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

    Kim Soo-chul, a composer, singer, performer, music director, cultural commissioner, and Korean traditional musician, cannot be described by just one name. Kim Soo-chul is a true 'small giant' that will last a long time in our music history.

    Kim Soo-chul's homepage ▶ http://www.kimsoochul.co.kr/
  • 2021.8.16
    Release date
    It is a refreshing pop dance song that combines addictive hooks and bright and cheerful vocals from Red Velvet.

    The lyrics provide positive energy with the message that we are all "Queen" of our lives and that we are more beautifully shining together.