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  • 2020.2.5
    release date
    ☆ It is an impressive urban dance song with a magnificent bass and signature Horn sound, maximizing the 'girl crush' not previously shown by LOONA.

    The message, "Get out of the world and express yourself to your heart's content," adds to the depth of the world view that has continued.
  • 2018.2.5
    release date
    ☆ It is a song based on a refreshing guitar sound and future bass genre. Although someone is not with me now, it is about thanking someone for making good memories with them. In addition, it is a song that expresses gratitude to fans who are always with SEVENTEEN.
  • 2021.2.5
    Release Date
    It is reborn as a medium-tempo ballad song that combines a pure heart that promises eternity to a loved one with a warm acoustic guitar and string sound, which is enough to meet the charm of aespa, which is different from its intense debut song "Black Mamba."
  • 2018.2.6
    release date
    ☆ It is a song that expresses sadness and sadness at the end of the song in order to feel the warmth of the lover before parting.

    The song is completed with the lyrical melody and the restrained voice of Huh Gak filled with sadness, delicately depicting the last scene of the two people at the moment of parting.

    They seem to accept the breakup silently and calmly, but those who have experienced the breakup will know the burning heart and sincerity. Perhaps this song will be on the side of your heart with lyrics that anyone who has broken up will sympathize with, and the song that reminds you of you at that time.
  • 2020.2.6
    Release Date
    It is a song that features repeated country-style guitar riffs and rich sounds. The lyrics are impressive to convey the courage to do anything for the person you love.
  • 2020.2.7
    release date
    ☆ Ha Hyun-woo's wild singing ability gives catharsis to listeners through this song "Diamond," the 3rd OST of the drama "Itaewon Class."

    Itaewon Klass OST Part. 3. [Doll] is a song that captures the story of Saeroi(Park Seo-joon), a straight-forward young man who never loses his belief even after losing everything.
  • 2019.2.8
    release date
    ☆ Semi-trot 'Why are you coming out of there', a mix of rock music and trot, is a song in which intense guitar sounds and rhythms meet Young-tak's vocals to create a new harmony.

    Add to this the witty and pleasant lyrics of the phrase 'Why are you coming out of there' which is the hottest buzzword these days, and once you hear it, it captivates your ears with addiction.
  • 2021.2.9
    Release Date
    Jo Su-mi X Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) The best collaboration ever!

    The song is a theme song that symbolizes UNITED UNIVERSE's universal worldview, and the collaboration of the two top artists who crossed the wall of the genre and the Universe worldview are combined to express "the hopeful moment you and I meet."

    In particular, the lyrics, which contain hopeful cheering messages to find new light in our endless dark and lonely daily lives, are enough for world-renowned soprano Jo Su-mi and the beautiful harmony of the best solo artist Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) to give a deep echo with warm embrace and strong will.

    Instrument has also achieved a variety of instrumental combinations to contain the utopian elements of Universe, which are connected as one.

    In the introduction of the song, Rain's intense voice and strong percussion rhythm maximize the tension of the song, and in the chorus, Jo Su-mi and Rain's harmony meet to create deep empathy.
  • 1980.2.10
    release date
    ☆ Yun Si-nae is a singer who worked as a diva in the K-pop scene, releasing many hit songs such as "Love," "Gomok," "Thousand," "To DJ," "Let's Study," and "I Want to Get Away from You."
  • 1990.2.10
    release date
    ♡ Kim Min-woo was the lead singer of the school band Bohemian before his solo debut and debuted in the music scene in 1990 and has hit songs such as 'It's Just Love' and 'Friends Like Resting' as well as 'On the train to the army'.

    Kim Min-woo won the Golden Cup at the age of 23 with his first album title track "Inside the Entrance Train" for five consecutive weeks in the top 10 K-pop Top 10.
  • 2020.2.10
    Release date
    ☆ It is a pop-R&B-style genre based on Progressive House, and its soft yet strong sound and addictive melody is attractive.

    It is a song that expresses the heart of a boy who hides his heart during the day when the sun is up and watches from afar, but confesses to the wolf that he will reveal his true self with the love he hid at night and the moon shines.
  • 2021.2.10
    Release Date
    Although the structure of the song is close to a ballad, Young-tak's singing style and melody have a unique charm because they have trot sensibility.

    On top of Young-tak's sentimental voice, brilliant strings and chorus add richness and the performance of top-notch sessions solidly supports the song, evoking auditory satisfaction throughout.

    Young-tak demonstrated his musical competence to the fullest with a completely different feeling from the image of a cheerful man shown in "Why are you out of there", "jjin-ya" and so on.

    From the introduction of lyrical and whispering romantic tones, the powerful singing ability of the chorus, and the unique ad-lib line, which is hard to see in the trot genre, it shows the color of Young-tak one step more mature.

    In addition, the song is a song that touches the hearts of those who are tired of their hard lives, such as 'How did you spend your day, my man?' and 'I will be your blanket and cover your heart with pain's pain and wounds' warm consolation.

    It is a song that contains Young-tak's heart to convey warm comfort throughout the generation, from children to adults.

    We hope that a handful of warmth can be conveyed through Young-tak's new song "Blanket".
  • 1987.2.11
    release date
    ☆ Shim Soo-bong participated to 1978 MBC College Song Festival as a student at Myongji University, competed with prominent participants such as Bae Cheol-su, Noh Sa-yeon, and Im Baek-cheon with <The one the time> by her own composition and lyrics.

    Although Shim did not win a prize at the festival, she gained attention from the public for her unusual career in the first trot genre at the college singing festival, and she first stepped into the music scene with trot, not with the jazz music she studied.
  • 2019.2.11
    Release date
    ☆ It is an uptempo dance song based on the space disco genre that combines rhythmical base lines and regular kick sounds, and Taemin's vocals, which change colorful with the flow of the song, are attractive.

    The lyrics contain a message of temptation to the opponent who is in the fatal charm of a man with sensuality and purity, and the expression that seems to place the spell "become more desirable" fascinates the ear.
  • 2019.2.12
    release date
    ☆ 'Dalla Dalla' is a newly produced 'Fusion Groove' track that breaks the existing K-pop format and creates a unique combination with five members of a special personality. EDM, house and hip-hop are well mixed in this song.

    The lyrics are about respecting and loving 'I' which stands at the center of the world, and aim at the tastes of the individualities of this era in search of reason for existence and meaning.

    It has sounds and messages that will satisfy the public's expectation of 'Teen Crush', 'Girl Crush'.