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  • 2020.10.6
    Release Date
    Someone who's done writing love would feel better if it was really love.

    Even if they had the same form of love in the time they spent together,

    And as opposed to a man who works endlessly in love, you're just casually receiving the other person's heart.

    Relationships between people can be formed.

    "While We Love" is written from the perspective of an unconditional loved one.

    It's a song about regret that comes from the heart that we couldn't love you more and do our best.

    It is enough for listeners to feel restrained sadness and emotion with the sorrow of Ailee, the top female vocalist in Korea, and the explosive high notes at the same time.
  • 2019.10.7
    release date
    It's hard to easily understand, but the easiest things to understand were my or someone's mind, and I tried to capture the stories that led to a new mind.

    Please listen to it comfortably.
  • 2020.10.7
    release date
    It is an up-tempo dance song that is filled with excitement at the sight of one's favorite opposite sex.

    Featuring an exciting beat and an atmosphere of bright and refreshing songs, "Pump It Up" further maximizes Golden Child's refreshing charm with its unique witty lyrics and song composition reminiscent of the stage just by listening.
  • 2021.10.7
    Release date.
    It is a semi-trot song with a cheerful house rhythm and sophisticated brass.

    As can be seen from the title of the song, it contains a message of comfort and support for those who are having a hard time with COVID-19.

    It is an attractive song that lingers in your ears even once you hear the lyrics touching the sorrows and sorrows of life, exciting melody, and addictive chorus.

    It is easy to sing along, so it is expected that another "national trot song" will be born.
  • 2019.10.8
    release date
    The grand and intense lead brass and drum sounds are leading the song to its main theme, and the composition of the song, which is constantly racking and advancing, is reminiscent of the members marching toward the beginning of the end.
  • 2013.10.8
    Release date
    The song was completed inspired by Andersen's fairy tale, "The Red Shoes," which states that wearing red shoes will continue to dance regardless of one's will.

    Based on the big band swing sound of the 1930s, it melts classic and vintage elements in one place, adding to expectations.

    In order to maximize the feeling of classical swing in the 1930s, the session was also recorded with the best big band members in Japan under the direction of Toyama Kazuhiko, the master of drama, animation, and musical music, and it was completed with Lee Min-soo's unique dramatic development and sophisticated chorus.
  • 2018.10.8
    Release Date
    Based on the addictive reggaeton Latin rhythm, various guitar sounds are added to highlight the exciting groove.

    The lyrics are impressive, expressing the moment in front of the eyes without hesitation, and the group REIK, which won the Best Pop Album category in the Latin Grammy Awards Group category, draws attention.
  • 2020.10.8
    Release Date
    It is a dance song with groovy rhythm, attractive bass line, and cool synth sound, expressing the confident ambition and confidence to show a new appearance of Weki Meki away from the existing style and set frame.
  • 1999.10.9
    release date
    She made her film debut in 1996 with the film "Flower Leaf" and also made his first album "Let's Go to My Star" in 1999.

    The songs "Wow" and "Change" in the first album were sensational and became the main players in the Korean techno craze.

    Since then, he has made a mark in the history of K-pop, with many hits such as "You," "Will You," "Ban," "Ban," "Ariari," "In succession," and "Summer Dance" being praised as an artist who performed original and colorful stage performances nearly 10 years ahead of Lady Gaga in the U.S.

    As an actor, he is one of the few actors to win both the Blue Dragon Film Awards' Rookie of the Year award and the leading actor's award, and is considered one of Korea's leading 'multi entertainer'.
  • 2019.10.9
    release date
    It is a song where you can feel the determined ambition of tying your shoelaces twice and going forward.

    The strong melody melts the spirit of being able to leave anywhere.
  • 2018.10.10
    release date
    It is an alternative R&B-style song that contains a pleasant and concise warning message thrown at people who cross the line rudely in relation.

    It is a song that can be a story of all modern people living now, when healthy relationships between equal and independent individuals, which do not control or define others by their own standards, are more important than ever.
  • 2016.10.10
    release date
    It is a song in the Moombahton Trap genre that is gaining popularity in the global pop market, focusing on relaxing a little bit and highlighting its sexy charm from the harsh and intense image shown by BTS. Songs like the lyrics 'Blood Sweat & Tears', which means everything to me, and 'The venomous Holy Grail that you know but swallowed up, reveal the boy's confused mind in irresistible temptation. It expresses the main theme of the entire [WINGS] album, which sings about the process of growth, including the shadow of evil, conflicts with others, and conflicts with the outside world, which you will encounter once in your life.
  • 2016.10.10
    release date
    It's a fan song for the fans of BTS, who has entered his fourth year since debut.

    "Two! Three!" is a pre-ceremony slogan that has been in use since its debut in June 2013, and it also has a special meaning to connect BTS with its fans.

    "Two! Three!" tells the story of the past days we've been together and the sincerity we've never shared to our fans who always give us great strength.

    Everything, including the instruments and rhythms used, is not colorful, but it is a song that feels warmer than any other song, and you can confirm BTS's love for the fans.
  • 2016.10.10
    release date
    Recalling the early days of BTS, "21st Century Girl" is a hip-hop song full of BTS's own powerful energy and wit.

    Living in the 21st century, it carries a positive message that we are all beautiful, precious and worthy of being loved.

    Thanks to the change in the sound of each part, there is no time to feel bored, making it seem like the song is ending in an instant.
  • 2016.10.10
    release date
    Sam Klempner, James F. Reynolds and Josh Wilkinson, who have been mixing and producing BTS albums such as "No More Dream", "Boy", "I NEED U", "Dope", "Save ME", and "Save Me", have been working specially for BTS.

    The country-style guitar and harmonica sound are attractive songs, and it is a hip-hop song that gives a refined taste.

    "Am I Strong" contains BTS's own candid view of the recent world.

    The song is in line with the previous "Dope" and "Sae", and the straightforward lyrics that pinpoint the stuffy reality come to mind.