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  • 2019.6.24
    Release date
    After the breakup, the unfriendly end of love, and the desire to return to the first place, begin to react to the opponent's weak appearance just before the end of the relationship. I empty my mind as if I were flicking a finger to cast a spell, blindfolded and cast a weary heart, and greet a new morning after midnight.

    The dynamic arrangement that expands as you get closer to the chorus from the relaxed groove of the verse is impressive. I can feel the music that is more colorful and deeper than before.
  • 2018.6.25
    Release date
    It is a pop song based on the theme of "Gisung," which expresses a phenomenon that feels familiar even though it is the first time experiencing it.

    In particular, while maintaining the existing sensibility of NU'EST W, the unique color of Latin pop, which is the first genre to challenge through this title song, reveals its overall presence and harmonizes with the voices of the members.

    In addition, members JR and Baekho participated in writing and composing their own songs, confirming the wider spectrum along with the musical growth of NU'EST W, which has been drawing attention every time for new attempts.
  • 2020.6.26
    release date
    BLACKPINK is a four-member girl group from YG Entertainment in South Korea.
  • 2019.6.26
    release date
    It was often used as the main keyword for the song, as a witty dissing of those who were not interested in it at first but came late to pretend to be close friends.
  • 2021.6.26
    Release date
    I tell you honestly what I feel in love with.

    'Ae' is a term for a child and also means the Chinese character 'Love' (love).

    Using words with dual meanings as a theme, I expressed my resentment and frustration at myself, who is clumsy, foolish, and constantly becoming a child in front of love.
  • 2017.6.27
    Release date
    It is a song that reveals Heize's unique and addictive tone.

    It features emotional melodies and somehow sympathetic lyrics.
  • 2019.6.28
    broadcast day
    A song where you can feel ITZY's energetic team color. ITZY's powerful rap and shouting are placed in the fun rap and impressive group singing section to revive the song's individuality and simultaneously unleash the members' potential.
  • 2021.6.28
    Release date
    Jang Woo-young participated in writing and composing the song and said, "What if love passes by again?" What should I say, "What if our comeback is now? What should I do?" began with the question.

    At these two starting points, he got the answer, "Facing with irresistible powerful attraction, things he wanted to do and had to do" and expressed it in fascinating melodies, bringing the energy of 2PM to its highest level.
  • 2020.6.29
    Release date
    Maria is an album that contains the precious story Hwa Sa wants to tell the public and herself.

    She unraveled topics that anyone can sympathize with, such as stories for those hurt by the world and others, and stories of sympathy and sincere comfort.
  • 2020.6.29
    Release date
    Sunmi's new song "pporappapam," released through full-fledged solo activities, is about love that stimulates seductive imagination.

    "Porappippam," a dreamy release of short stories about Sun-mi's dream love, sensibly depicts all aspects of love that are hot and sentimental, and on the other hand, can be despondent after passing.
  • 2020.6.29
    release date
    It is an exciting punk pop song that expresses the desperate desire to win the heart of an unknown opponent in straightforward and witty lyrics, and adds a unique melody to the catchy base riff and guitar sound that varies according to its composition.

    In particular, "THE ANSWER" was produced by ZICO, a popular producer across genres, and participated in writing, composing, arranging, and chorus, drawing keen attention from the finished artist idol AB6IX before its release.
  • 2020.6.30
    Release Date
    It is an impressive funky pop dance song with a cheerful guitar rhythm and rough bass performance, featuring lively and fresh melodies and refreshing voices of the members.
  • 2020.7.1
    Release date
    Summer Hate (Feat. 비)

    Lyrics by ZICO
    Composed by ZICO, Poptime
    Arranged by ZICO, Poptime
    Guitar Kim Dong-min
    Keyboard Park Ji-yong
    Chorus ZICO, Gye Beomju, Rain
    Vocals Recorded by 정은경 @In Grid Studio / 배소윤 @Stay Tuned Studio
    Mixed by Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
    Mastered by Kwon Nam-woo @821 Sound
  • 2019.7.1
    Release Date
    It is a pop R&B genre song that combines warm and sweet vocals with acoustic guitar sound. The lyrics draw attention with a message that it is okay for D.O. to participate in the song and naturally let go of emotions that make it difficult for him.
  • 2019.7.1
    release date
    It is a song that expresses the heat and heat that does not cool down even at night by comparing it to the word "tropical night."

    With a new feeling different from the existing girlfriend's music style, Drop and cheerful Moombahton rhythm were used to create a superb pop color.

    It marks the beginning of a new beginning for members who are growing without losing their original color.