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  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The unique title of 'Hip Hop Lovers' means hip-hop lovers.

    BTS honestly confesses why she has to love hip-hop.

    It is a song that shows how hip-hop felt when you first encountered it as a child, and what it means in your life afterwards.

    In particular, the rap monster captures the ears with lyrics that express his sincerity, such as "Hip-hop that is written in life" and now part of his life.
  • 2002.10.2
    release date
    Jang Na-ra made her debut on May 2, 2001 with her first album 'Bury her face in tears.

    She topped his second album released in October 2002 with the title 'Sweet Dream' and the sequel 'Maybe love.' was loved by so many people.

    She won the K-pop awards at KBS, MBC and KMTV at the end of 2002 for her second album's smash hit, and swept the female singer awards at various music awards.

    From 2001 to the mid-2000s, when she made her debut, including dozens of best-priced CFs and drama characters, it was the time of the Jang Nara.

    Since then, she has also been a great singer in China, winning the 2003 Korean Artist of the Year Award, 2005 continent's Most Popular Singer Award, and Asia's Best Female Singer Award.

    The continent's most popular singer award is the most popular award that has been won in competition with all local singers.
  • 2008.2.20
    Release date
    ☆ Park Jung-ah (lead vocalist), Seo In-young (sub vocalist), Ha Joo-yeon (rap), and Kim Eun-jung (vocalist) debuted in 2001 and have worked as singers for 14 years.

    They gained popularity with songs like 'Again', 'I Like You', 'Superstar', and 'One More Time'. 'One More Time' was also able to win the grand prize, setting a record of topping the music bank for seven consecutive weeks.
  • 2020.3.27
    Release Date
    "Aroha" is one of the representative songs of the mixed group Cool released in 2001, and it was loved beyond the generation with a lovely confession song at the time.

    In particular, "AROHA," which was newly created as a love song of "Wise Doctor Life," added meaning as Cho Jung-seok, who plays Lee Ik-joon, a self-proclaimed "insider," participated in the singing.