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  • 2018.7.19
    release date
    Starting with a cool electric guitar sound, 'Sunny Summer' is a cool pop dance song with the excitement of a summer night felt by girls.

    GFRIEND's unique refreshing vocals and funky rhythms combine to give listeners the feeling of being on the cool beach.
  • 2021.7.19
    Release date
    It is a song that symbolizes Korea and rearranged Arirang into a cheering song version to overcome difficult times.

    The copyright of the sound source is donated to the state and provided for free use by all citizens.
  • 2021.7.19
    Release date
    DINDIN worked on the song thinking only about collaboration with Min Kyung-hoon from the first time.

    The catchy chorus and intense yet sad sounds will give listeners a strong scent and lingering impression.

    It completed a dynamic song with a magnificent and tense piano and string performance, intense drums and guitar performances.
  • 2021.7.22
    Release date
    Whether you lead your tired body, sea, river, mountain, leave, rest and energy, even that little luxury is not allowed, but let's do anything.

    Why don't you go into your wildest imagination. The beach? Or by the river? Do you like the mountain? Why don't you take off your mask and laugh together while eating delicious food? Let's go. Whatever. Wouldn't it make you feel better? Let's wear earphones and leave together.

    Vocalist Kim Shinui's 3 minutes and 30 seconds of comfort. I hope it'll be a small break or comfort.
  • 2015.7.23
    release date
    An exciting dance song with the shy confessions of the girls "From today we" is a song that "Glass Bead" 'GFRIEND' and the songwriting team 'I'Easy', 'Yongbae' once again worked hard for 'GFRIEND'

    It features an easy chorus that everyone can sing along to on a bounce rhythm full of swings, and it maximizes the healthy and lively feel of the rocking gist "GFRIEND," which is reversed following a shy intro.

    The lyrics in Hook, which sounds like a skat, "Me Gustas Tu" likes you.The Spanish word " adds the fun of listening to music.

    The body will move on its own with the overflowing excitement of funky synthesizers, guitars and mugs.
  • 2020.7.23
    Release Date
    Along with Lee Ha-yi, who remained alone and endured a time of loneliness, it contains comfort to those trapped in a closed social environment.

    From the introduction of a calm monologue to the chorus that resonates everyone's heart, Lee Ha-yi delivers a message of hope with her own emotion and voice.

    For you who are still spending time alone.
  • 2021.7.23
    Release date
    It is a remake of a hip-hop-style love song released by TEE in a K-pop version.

    Kim Se-jeong's bright and fresh voice was met and reborn as a more emotional confession song.

    While continuing the charm of the original song, it is aimed at the hearts of more K-pop music fans around the world with "Baby I Love U" that melts their own musical colors.
  • 2019.7.24
    release date
    The groovy synth sound is an attractive synth-pop genre. The song, which features a minimal track made with colorful musical instruments, further enhanced the sophistication of the song by focusing on the perspective of the five senses. It tells the story of a beautiful moment when you fall in love, and the world you see is all colored with light.

    In the music video, MAMAMOO members play with glasses and sunglasses and smile brightly. It also emphasizes the unique props of Jukebox and the image space, highlighting the colorful images of the members.
  • 2019.7.25
    release date
    It is an impressive song with a simple Bell theme, which maximizes Kang Daniel's trendy image with trendy 808 sound and clear but dreamy synth sound.
  • 2019.7.26
    release date
    It is a minimalist pop genre song led by a unique and simple synth and beat, and the lyrics express the message of moving toward dreams with NCT DREAM in a confident attitude.
  • 2021.7.26
    Release date
    It is a powerful pop song that captures the signature power of MONSTA X.

    It is an impressive song with a variety of compositions and MONSTA X's rap and vocals that crosses between the 808 base that continues to drive throughout and the flamboyant voice synth on the dynamic drum.

    The music video has a mysterious atmosphere in which MONSTA X plays a private detective who spends time chasing unknown clues.
  • 2021.7.26
    Release date
    You can feel scary just by listening to the lyrics.

    However, it is a hopeful song with the imagination that if we fall, we will fly away from the other side of the world.
  • 2021.7.26
    Release date
    It is an acoustic folk genre song with a cheerful guitar rhythm.

    The lyrics, written by EXO "Dio", depict a fresh love story, even when he is so into the other person that he confesses with excitement and courage.
  • 2020.7.27
    release date
    Inspired by dance halls and hip-hop, the 808 bass drums, Latin guitars and piano's staccato sounds are harmoniously filled to catch the ear. Here comes Simon Dominic and Jamie's featuring, adding colorfulness to your ears.

    It contains a message that I want to leave myself to the wave of my heart moving toward me, as if I were leaving my body to the surging waves.
  • 2017.7.27
    release date
    The song is based on Newton's discovery of universal attraction.

    On top of emotional EDM music, Jaffee's lyrics and melodies, and MONSTA X rappers I.M and Jooheon's sophisticated rap were added.

    "Newton" expressed the intensity unique to 'MONSTA X' in a foreign accent, becoming a soft and strong MONSTA X ticket summer song.