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  • 2017.10.23
    release date
    They wrote, composed, and arranged stories that the public could relate to.
  • 2017.10.23
    release date
    The lyrics that anyone can relate to and Oh Hyuk's featuring blend well with Epik High's music.
  • 2015.10.23
    Release date
    Can you tell me which way to go from here?'

    It depends where you want to go.' said the cat.

    The song is based on Alice's Cheshire cat in Wonderland.

    There are several examples and no wrong answers.

    Whatever you choose, it's just up to what you want to believe.

    It's a song where funky beats and disco sounds are light, fun, and chaotic.
  • 2003.10.24
    release date
    Park Hwa Yo-bi ( ~, February 11, 1982 ~ ) is a Korean singer.

    R&B is the main field of music activity. Hwayobi is a combination of R&B's 'B' and Tuesday's 'Hwayo' on the day it was named.[
  • 2016.10.24
    release date
    It is a pop dance song that expresses the emotions of a girl in love based on Deep house beat, and the emotional melody, addictive hook, and killing part between each member are impressive.

    Styling that maximizes naturalness to express fresh emotions and choreography that expresses "TT" as it is are also among the pleasures that should not be missed in this song.
  • 2020.10.24
    release date
    I made a song with the feelings of a man who has a crush on me.

    Because she doesn't use the word "she," you can also call her unrequited love from a woman's point of view.

    And the unique thing is that it can be sung as a recollection of past memories, so it can be read as a song about past love, so please sing it according to your situation.

    a drop of tears
  • 2018.10.24
    release date
    It is an oriental-style trap song, a magnificent scale song with exquisite harmony between the rapping and vocals of various tones.

    The development of the song is very colorful as it is a song that means to leave together in search of each other's treasure. While rap and vocals are constantly exchanging and leading the mood of the song, the ethnic melody that pops out of the hook is enough to remind them of their journey on adventure.
  • 2018.10.24
    Release date
    The hook, which seems to remind you of a boat song, is an impressive trap-style song.

    The beat, stimulating synth sound, and magnificent bras leave a strong impression as if they were representing the appearance of a pirate king.

    The chorus, which is turned around when you are attracted to the unceasing intensity, makes you fall in love with the song.

    It contains ATEEZ's aspiration for a bigger world.
  • 1989.10.25
    release date
    Byun Jin Sub - The Emperor of Ballads

    Born in Seoul in 1966, Byun Jin-seop started his music career as a fifth member of the club 'Talmud' when he was a student at Kyung Hee University, and made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1987 by participating in the MBC Rookie of the Year Festival.

    Hope was released in 1989 and recorded as the biggest hit of 1990.

    In 1990, Byun Jin-seop became the most popular singer by winning 'Singer King'.

    (written and composed by Noh Young-sim)
  • 2019.10.25
    release date
    [LION] is a song in which (G)I-DLE So-yeon and Big Sancho are in harmony, and the powerful and magnificent drums and 808 bass sounds are impressive, and the song is completed with the unique senses of two composers who are not bound by a particular genre or frame.

    The lyrics, which compare the innate dignity and charisma as 'Queen' to a lion, are desperate and cool, but on the one hand, beautiful, tough and holy.

    In particular, all the fights, perseverance, and wounds to occupy and defend the throne are engraved in the lyrics.
  • 2019.10.25
    release date
    Meetings are always accompanied by parting, and parting is also accompanied by another encounter.

    So the current breakup is sad, but we have to take advantage of our memories and move forward.

    "We were meant to meet again" is as long as crossing the universe, even if it takes a long time and a long way.

    The song is a calm and resolute song about breaking up with the promise of the day when we will meet like fate.

    MAMAMOO's performance and stage production add completeness to the colorful arrangement, which combines a grand atmosphere and delicate melody.
  • 2020.10.26
    release date
    It is a song about a conflict between good and evil, making it difficult for even one to control himself.

    It is a synth-wave genre that combines European electronic sound with the synth sound of the 1980s in the U.S., and features addictive melodies.
  • 2020.10.26
    release date
    It is a dance song of disco genre that can feel both sweet and energetic energy.

    a catchy synth sound, a rhythmical guitar and a danceable melody on a bass track,

    The five members' boyish vocals have been added to complete TOMORROW X TOGETHER's disco.

    It contains the complex emotions of boys who experience a strange world and feel fear and beauty at the same time, as if they are familiar with the sky at 5:53.

    Here, 5:53 is the sunset in October, when the album is released, and the sky is the most beautiful time.

    At the same time, however, the shadow quickly thickens, making it difficult to distinguish between the presence in front of one's eyes.

    As the sun sets and shadows cast, the boys feel lonely in a situation where they don't know if the friend in front of them is really my friend, but even at this moment, the boys can only hope that they feel the same way.
  • 2020.10.26
    release date
    It tells the story of teenagers going through a completely different world because of the 'Corona 19' Pandemics.

    It used to be extremely ordinary, such as playing on the playground, sharing earphones in the classroom, and listening to music, but now it sings about its lost daily life.

    It is a dreamy yet refreshing dance hall genre, with catchy flocks and guitar sounds adding to the song's charm.

    The lyrics, which are about the anxiety that comes after the daily routine that was taken for granted disappears and confusion over how to take this situation, evokes sympathy from listeners.

    British pop artist Charlie XCX participated in the overall work on the song, drawing more attention.
  • 2020.10.26
    Release Date
    It is the story of a boy who feels lonely and anxious on his way home alone, where he feels unfamiliar with the scenery he always sees, but believes that he will always be together if he remembers each other.

    It is a sentimental Future R&B genre, and unique synthesizer sounds are used throughout the song, so you can feel a dreamy and refreshing atmosphere together.

    Through the delicate vocals of the members, the boy's belief that "we are always together" is conveyed more sincerely.