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  • 2020.12.15
    Release date
    It is an R&B pop song featuring minimal and rhythmical melodies created by unique instruments, and Taeyeon's vocals sing calmly and indifferently about how she still feels about him after the breakup.
  • 2019.12.18
    release date
    Jeong Dong-won, a rising rookie in the trot world!

    A talented group that encompasses orthodox and semi-trot!

    It remade Hong Jin-young's "Tears Rain," which he sang for his grandfather at the time of the Youngjae Excavation Team's airing!

    Jung Dong-won's song, which became a hot topic after the show with his deep emotional expression and outstanding singing skills as a 13-year-old sixth grader in SBS, impressed even the original trot goddess Hong Jin-young, who heard about the remake, came to the studio on the day of recording and gave him advice on the song.

    With the sound of Haegeum, which is filled with sadness in Jeong Dong-won's emotions, a remake version of the song was created that feels different from the original song.
  • 2020.12.18
    Release date
    This miraculous meeting is all the more precious because we can laugh and be together forever because we are together.

    The lyrics of the second verse of "Fireworks" were especially quoted by fan letters written by fans to express their faith and gratitude for each other.

    It also sends a deep consolation and hopeful message to Universe, who would have waited for the complete song of the nine Pentagon members more than anyone else.

    I dedicate this song to PENTAGON and UNIVERSE with the encouragement that they did a great job.
  • 2018.12.19
    release date
    The song is a tropical pop dance genre full of freshness, and it is about whispering love to a lover.

    Starting with the exciting guitar and clap in the intro, an emotional melody and warm sound chorus will lead the first half of the song.

    The rhythmical whistling and bounce kick in the chorus create an exciting atmosphere different from the first half. Even in simple rhythms, the arrangement of different parts provides fun to listen to.

    "Everyone who listens to this song will find millions of reasons to be loved--"
  • 2016.12.19
    release date
    It's a pop ballad song with a sweet piano melody and a beautiful string performance, and it's a special winter ballad EX with hit songwriter 'Kenzie' and 'Taeyeon's 'Rain' as well as 'Matthew Tishler' working on a number of hit songs, including the song 'Sing For You' released last year. The lyrics remind you of a scene from a romantic movie, while allowing you to feel a warm winter.
  • 2015.12.19
    broadcast day
    The combination of trendy and bright melodies and keyboard patterns is an impressive medium-pop song, and it is enough to feel a different charm with lyrics that tactfully express feelings for a lovely lover and love songs that combine EXO's vocals well.
  • 2020.12.19
    Broadcasting day
    ☆ Singer Kim Ji-ae made her name known in 1986 when Park Chun-seok's original trot "Muleya," composed of lyrics and lyrics, became a hit.

    In 1989, the song "The Ugly Person" (composed by Jeon Young-rok) rose to stardom with the highest popularity upon its release.

    In December 2020, 'Lee So-na', a Korean traditional musician who majored in Gyeonggi folk music, received great attention for singing at ' KBS Broadcasting Station (Trot National Contest). ☆
  • 2020.12.21
    Release date
    It is a medium tempo R&B song that harmonizes the sweet piano, guitar melody, and Baekhyun's emotional vocals, and the lyrics are outstanding, comparing the heart of the loved one to the colorful scenery of the amusement park.
  • 2020.12.21
    Release date
    The song's high-quality arrangement is at the heart of the song, with warm electronic piano, emotional electronic guitar melody, and stylish mugs.
  • 2019.12.23
    release date
    The title track "Psycho" is an up-tempo urban pop song that combines Red Velvet's deft yet humorous vocals.

    The catchy hook over the ever-changing melody stands out, and the lyrics contain a cool message from a lover who admits that they are the only ones in the end, even though they look like "Psycho."
  • 2013.12.25
    Recommended music
    The lyrics, which compare the heart-fluttering heart to waiting for a Christmas gift while waiting for a loved one, and a beautiful and sweet melody, combine to give a warm atmosphere, while the groovy hip-hop song "The Star" draws attention to the witty lyrics that compare a lovely but impossible woman to a star on the world's brightest Christmas tree.
  • 2020.12.25
    Recommended music
    It is a pop/house genre song with a carol-like instrument and a bell sound added with THE BOYZ's unique boyish vocals, complete with a perfect harmony. Like the title of the song, which means "Christmas vibe," the song has an atmosphere of the upcoming year-end, and it is impressive to have a warm confession that every day shines and flutters like Christmas when you are with an addictive melody that you can close your ears once you hear it.

    The music video, which is based on the concept of a prom party in a high-teen movie, captures the charming aspects of the members confessing in various ways to fans to be a date for a Christmas party, making viewers smile on their lips. The music video filmed the entire scene with an iPhone, focusing on the facial expressions and emotions of the members so that they can sympathize with the joyous and exciting emotions, and produced it with the hope that fans and the public who are having a hard time with the Corona 19 will approach it as a pleasant Christmas present.
  • 2020.12.25
    Recommended music
    GOT7's sweet winter confession song.

    JYP Entertainment's chief producer Park Jin-young participated in writing and composing the song.

    The story is about a man who has no courage and confesses his love by using the power of a song.
  • 2015.12.25
    Broadcasting day
    It was inserted into the popular drama "Stairway to Heaven" and gained explosive popularity beyond the drama.
  • 2017.12.26
    release date
    It is a rock ballad song that combines emotional piano melody with dynamic electric guitar performance.

    The lyrics describe his determination to find love that has become everything in the world, even if it is to the end of the universe.