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  • 2020.1.10
    broadcast day
    Twenty-four years of trot life! Cheonggukjang Voice Lee Chan-won
  • 2021.1.11
    Release date
    ♡ MY TREASURE, which gives us a bright and positive energy as soon as we hear it, constantly reminds us that we are all precious jewels.

    Let's reveal the start of 2021 with hopeful stories of boys ringing through various performances, from strings to brass.
  • 2021.1.11
    Release date
    It is a Latin-style trap genre featuring 808 and unique brass instruments on top of a powerful drum, and the addictive melody and overall unusual composition of the song are impressive.

    What I said before became a reality, and the story of VICTON's second act, which is now walking on the path that I had dreamed of, was captured in the lyrics.
  • 2021.1.11
    Release date
    It is an arrangement that gives you a cold and cool feeling of winter, adding an oriental instrument to the arrangement so that you can feel the cold feeling of parting.

    It is a song of the Mumbai-ton genre featuring addictive hooks and changing lyrics, expressing feelings after parting as a double material called "hwa."

    "I set fire to my cold winter frozen heart. They will melt the winter and bloom in spring.'
  • 2020.1.12
    release date
    Baek Ye-rin's song, "I'm Here Again,"

    Throughout the first, second, and third verses, the lyrics are composed of a new story that is not repeated, giving a sense of immersion as if watching a play.
  • 2021.1.12
    Release date
    Released in 2016, 'Being a Thousand Winds' is a tribute song dedicated to everyone who died in 2008.
  • 2020.1.13
    release date
    Just play any song.
  • 2021.1.13
    Release date
    ♡ It smells bright red.

    It is thrilling to have an Arpeggio synthesizer that seems to be speeding, a rhythm that is like a heartbeat, and a combination of trendy and retro.
  • 2010.1.14
    release date
    CNBLUE is a three-member boy band in South Korea.

    The members consist of Jung Yong-hwa, Kang Min-hyuk and Lee Jung-shin, and the agency is FNC Entertainment.

    CNBLUE means "Code Name BLUE", and "BLUE" represents each member.

    At the end of 2010, CNBLUE won the Rookie of the Year award, while "Loner," "Love Light," and "Love" were among the top 100 on several music charts.
  • 2019.1.14
    release date
    This song expresses the girl's increasingly deepened heart by comparing the person she likes to the 'Sun' that hasn't come to mind yet. The song has been composed from the previous work, "Night," with no time to bored the girl's complex mind, and a spectacular orchestral arrangement that is constantly raging.
  • 2015.1.15
    release date
    The lyrics express the girls' desire to shine brightly on the world with their loved ones, even though they look weak like glass beads.
  • 2019.1.15
    release date
    The song is a hybrid of country-style EDM and trap sounds, and you can feel the unique music color of ATEEZ (ATEEZ).

    The theme line, which seems to paint an unknown world from afar as the song begins, suggests a second journey together.

    Also, the provocative synth sound that follows and the incessantly galloping track are reminiscent of the ATEEZ (ATEEZ), which is constantly chasing a treasure hidden somewhere.

    The moment my name is called, it contains a message that we will follow the light and move forward together.
  • 2019.1.15
    Release date
    It is a song that expresses the consciousness of ATEEZ's first dream when the heart first beats.

    The reversal of the chorus and the ensuing pitch effect sound give the trendy song a strong color.
  • 2021.1.15
    Release date
    It is an impressive R&B song with sensuous beats and lyrical melodies. The lyrics compare the pain of separation with a terrible cold.

    In particular, new composers Glowingdog (Glowing Dog) and Daun participated in the song's lyrics and composition, drawing attention.
  • 2019.1.16
    Release Date
    The song is an honest expression of a man's desire to talk on the phone all night, waiting for the contact of his beloved lover.