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  • 2017.11.6
    release date
    It is a minor dance pop genre song with restrained melodies on top of the free-spirited swing brass rhythm.

    In the simple and increasingly powerful arrangement, an energetic climax with the scale of the vocals was created to heighten tension, and the cheerful rhythm created by the bright brass sound stands out.

    The lyrics describe a confident man dressed in "Black Suit" in order to steal a moment's heart in the dark, and it is an impressive and refined sound with a relaxed yet restrained performance of Super Junior.
  • 2017.11.6
    Release date
    It shows SEVENTEEN's change and growth comprehensively with its refreshing yet powerful appearance.

    No matter how hard and painful it is, it contains a pledge to overcome the hearts of fans who support 'Seventeen' and 'Seventeen' and healthy energy.

    It can also be called the "New World" of 'Seventeen' in that it breaks the framework so far and creates a new look for Seventeen while retaining its unique 'Seventeen'.

    Just like the process of breaking one's own framework to go beyond the limits, 'Seventeen' also tried to show a new look to open a new era of 'Seventeen' through "clap".
  • 2020.11.6
    Release date
    Orange, which expresses the sensibility of Nutro and Lofi through a fresh prism called Treasure, is new as if familiar.

    Until the setting sun turns orange to each other, he and she don't want to break up and hold on to the time.

    Member ASAHI personally participated in the composition and added meaning, and unfortunately, it gives warmth as if he were always by his side like a year that rises again when he waits.
  • 2017.11.6
    Release date
    British pop / rock ballad "I'm not like rain (one more chance) " is a member of the East Sea Eun Hyuk, members took part in making plastic wrap composed and written by whose real name is Lee Jae-young.

    It features Modern Pop-style Moog sound and Crunchy guitar sound, which doubled the dramatic effect by adding a rich string sound to the latter part of the song.

    Comparing a breakup with a loved one to a "B"" that disappears silently over time, the lyrics asking not to leave" combine with a unique yet mournful vocalist to maximize the charm of the song.
  • 2020.11.6
    Release date
    The Jeju language of love, "Sorang," was composed and arranged by Cho Dong-hee, who created "When My Loneliness Call You," and Cho Dong-ik, a partner in music and life.

    A song that contains the scent of clear and peaceful Jeju rather than directly mentioning Jeju.

    When it is not easy to travel abroad, I want to sing about the precious experience of sharing precious time with my beloved beings, such as lovers, friends, and family, and cherish the nature of Jeju.
  • 2019.11.7
    release date
    [In the alleyway in front of your house late at night] is a song about the hope that countless people in the process of a painful parting will mourn and shake it off without regret.

    The song expresses a faint heart missing "You," which suddenly comes to mind on the way home after a drink after a breakup, adds to Noel's appealing vocals and realistic lyrics, further heightening the black feelings he experiences after a breakup.

    Led by new composer Bigguyrovin, the lyricist Mihu, other arrangers and sessions met to enhance the quality of the song.
  • 2017.11.7
    release date
    It is an urban punk-style song with a unique hip-hop feel of MONSTA X, and Jooheon and I.M participated in the rap making to increase the level of perfection.

    The song combines real guitar, punk-style arrangement from the intro and 808 bass to create a powerful sound.

    The attractive tones of the vocal members stand out, and the intense rap battle between Jooheon and I.M. in the second half is impressive.
  • 2016.11.7
    Release date
    It is a medium rock genre song that combines the 8-bit rock rhythm with Mamamoo's soulful vocals.

    If the previous music was a retro-style funky song with black music as the main theme, this time, it challenged a new genre based on rock.

    The sound, which excludes many synthesizers and is dominated by acoustic drums and guitars, has a perfect harmony with the fluent vocals of MAMAMOO".

    The overall mood of the song continues the sentiment of the title track "Piano Man" from the second mini-album.

    The feeling of the first kiss with a loved one and the love resemble each other is likened to 'Decalcomanie' in Mamamoo's own language, expressing it witty and luxurious.
  • 2019.11.8
    release date
    A life where everything has stopped since we broke up. A man left behind from a loved one is as insignificant as he was special to someone.It's bound to be a loser.

    Through a low, calm voice and deaf lyrics above the warm Arpeggio melody, Zico portrays a person shuddering with longing.

    It feels like it's repeating somewhere, but you can see his meticulous intentions in the lyrics and arrangements that change little by little depending on the emotional line.

    Zico's recent attention to the pure voice of new artist Daun is also noteworthy.
  • 2019.11.8
    release date
    It is a song that describes 'I' as a balloon, exaggerating oneself just to be recognized and rising high.

    A low voice casually heard on a lofi track, where nylon guitar and noise effects are balanced, evokes a sense of blackness.

    You can see his musical spectrum, which is wider in the composition of the minimalist song compared to his previous works.
  • 2018.11.8
    release date
    Huh Gak sang the emotional line after the painful break-up between the songs.

    The song is calm and wailing, but it doesn't end with regret, but now it contains a lot of overwhelming emotions, including a heart that can be sent naturally.

    We were not very busy nor tried to forget, but the common parting, which is slowly forgotten in our natural daily lives over time, is not the life we live in, the life we love.

    If you are reminded of the moment of parting after hearing this song, carefully say that it is okay now if you are not heartbroken, and I hope you don't go into the pain.
  • 2000.11.8
    release date
    ♡ I received vocal training from Park Sun-joo and made my debut in April 1999 and became very popular.

    As a faceless singer for a while, he did not appear on TV at all.

    'Day' became a big hit with the title track of the second album released in 2000, and it ranked 51st on the Billboard sales chart with the English version of 'Hello Good-bye Hello and was named the global singer stage.
  • 2020.11.9
    release date
    Taemin is a Korean singer.

    He is a member of SM Entertainment's boy groups SHINee and SuperM, and is the youngest, sub-vocal and main dancer in SHINee.

    The title track of the solo album, "Idea," is a dance pop song where you can meet Taemin's charming vocals and performances.
  • 2020.11.9
    release date
    He declared himself a witch without being swayed by others' gaze or judgment, expressing his frank desire and positive and confident attitude as a splendid and brilliant festival.

    With retro synthesizer riffs, danceable drum beats and disco bass lines that captivate the ears with disco genre songs, the 1980s-style music was recalled in GFRIEND's own style in 2020.

    Sing me who blooms anew and proudly becomes the master of life.
  • 2017.11.10
    broadcast day
    Mnet Super Large Project The Master - Chapter 1 - Destiny 'Gayo Master' Choi Baek-ho
    (written by Lim Hee-jae, composed by Baek Young-ho, sung by Lee Mi-ja)

    ** "Ahssi" is the term used by servants to refer to or refer to young women in high-ranking families.