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  • 2021.2.15
    Release Date
    Along with the R&B pop-trap sound that unfolds with the introduction of a strong fuzz guitar, the song expresses the excitement and overwhelming energy of the moment when the pedal is pressed forward.

    The straight lyrics of the chorus part, leading to "Get out of my way-ah! / I'll show you how I like it," and the relentless Attic imprint on the confidence and irreplaceable presence of an independent and energetic solo artist.
  • 2021.2.16
    Release Date
    The lyrics were written by Kang Daniel himself.

    He expressed the pain, conflict, and anguish he actually experienced without hesitation.

    It's a nightmare and pain that everyone comes to, but most of them want to hide it, a shadow that only they know.

    He then tells the story to everyone who is with him in this era.

    How are you living?

    The melody combined with the message is addictive.

    The more you listen to it, the more you can feel and interpret it.
  • 1982.2.17
    release date
    ☆ He made his debut by winning the gold prize at the National Wind 81 in 1981, and enjoyed high popularity in the early 1980s.

    He used to wear big gold-rimmed glasses and surprised people with his explosive singing ability,
  • 2021.2.17
    Release Date
    It is a future house genre song that combines Afrobeat, Mumbai-ton, and House.

    The song, which contains a message that it will resonate through my appearance as I am without being swayed by other people's eyes, is impressive in its intense beat and the unique voice of "TRI.BE."

    It is a song that shows the girl swag of "TRI.BE," which will leave a strong impression of myself like the lyrics of "I hit you in your ear, make your eyes flutter, and make your heart explode," in the chorus.
  • 2021.2.17
    Release Date
    I feel precious and missed the previous moments when it was natural to be together.

    The moments I didn't know at that time remain deep regret for me now.

    While listening to this song, I hope it will be a time to focus on my heart, recalling the moments when it was "tearfully sparkling" that I can't go back to.
  • 2019.2.18
    release date
    ☆ It is a dance song with a powerful future pop sound mixed with the unique hip-hop feel of MONSTA X.

    The addictive hooks and the overwhelming flow of emotions that draw more into each other's swamp impressively represent MONSTA X's completed style and perfect teamwork.
  • 2019.2.19
    release date
    ☆The song features LOONA's own concept that no girl group can replace. It subtly mixes softness and dynamics, and takes this month's girl to the next level with new beats, drop, electronic sounds and melodies that have never been heard in K-Pop.

    It conveys a message that "You are LOONA, too" if you are encouraged, find yourself, and make a voice through LOONA's music by a butterfly effect called "LOONA".

    Digipedi, the visual director of LOONA, toured five countries by continent for the butterfly effect of LOONA, capturing the courage and freedom of girls around the world in the music video for the title song "Butterfly."
  • 1987.2.20
    release date
    ♡ [Kim Ki-pyo's lyricist & Composing]

    The seven-member band "Emergency Gate" is a rock group that was active in the 1980s, led by Lee Dong-shin, the husband of the trot singer Joo Hyun-mi.
  • 2017.2.20
    release date
    ☆Pop/Rock/Disco's three genres are based on an exciting house beat and a properly mixed track, a song that captures easy and lively melodies, catchy hooks and the bright energy of the members.

    "Knock Knock" is an English title that means knock, knock, knock, and so on, and contains a cute cry to open the door to the closed girl's heart.

    It is expected to entertain fans' eyes and ears with the repeated line of Knock Knock, which anyone can remember at once, and TWICE's refreshing performance.
  • 2008.2.20
    Release date
    ☆ Park Jung-ah (lead vocalist), Seo In-young (sub vocalist), Ha Joo-yeon (rap), and Kim Eun-jung (vocalist) debuted in 2001 and have worked as singers for 14 years.

    They gained popularity with songs like 'Again', 'I Like You', 'Superstar', and 'One More Time'. 'One More Time' was also able to win the grand prize, setting a record of topping the music bank for seven consecutive weeks.
  • 2019.2.20
    Release date
    The melody that spins on the intense beat is enough to give SF9 a differentiated sexiness.

    In the lyrics, "You" is another self of the speaker, not a one-dimensional listener referring to his lover, and contains mature self-love that tells me in the mirror, like Narcissus, a beautiful young man in Greek mythology, "You are pretty enough now, so don't get prettier."
  • 2018.2.20
    Release Date
    It is a deep house genre dance song with heavy kicks, bases, and cheerful synth sounds, with captivating yet catchy melodies, and witty lyrics that compare the moment when a man and woman fall in love to a scene where fireworks doubles the charm of the song.
  • 2021.2.20
    Release Date
    It is a song that contains a message that GOT7 wants to convey to the fans "I GOT7," which is always with us, and it means that we want to continue singing for our fans like the title.
  • 2020.2.21
    release date
    ♡ Through the title track "ON," BTS looks back on the past when he ran frantically, carrying the weight of his life as an artist, beyond what he had thought.

    Sometimes I lost my center of gravity and stumbled as if I were floating in the air, and I was afraid of the shadow that grew one step further away. But now that he knows how to find a center of gravity anywhere, he says he will face the inner pain of success head on.

    "ON" is a song that contains a message that runs through the album, expressing the given path as a "beautiful prison on its own" and expressing BTS's sense of calling to accept fate and continue on.
  • 2020.2.21
    release date
    ☆The vocal line's unit song "Zero O'Clock" is a trap hip-hop genre that combines lyrical, emotional lo-fi guitar sounds and minimal trap beats.

    At midnight, when everything is initialized and restarted, it is a song that conveys hope and consolation for everyday life, although something dramatic will not happen.

    As if it was giving a message to convey the feelings of BTS in a more sincere manner, the recording adds sincerity and inspiring sympathy from many people.