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  • 2015.11.11
    Release date
    Special collaboration content between EXO and the movie [Star Wars: Awakening Force] (Import/distribution: Walt Disney Company Korea)

    The song combines strong beats with EXO's energetic vocals to give a dynamic feeling of watching a movie.

    It's a song that was included in member Kai's debut teaser video that was rearranged to fit the concept of the movie.
  • 2018.11.12
    release date
    Jennie's first wing move to the sky as a solo artist.

    "SOLO" is a hip-hop song with proper pop elements, featuring sophisticated production and songwriting of "TEDDY" and "24."

    The straightforward and straightforward lyrics added above the beautiful code and concise melody line of the intro naturally concentrate the listener, and the strong Bass and addictive lead sound of the DROP Part, which reverses the rising energy as it develops, further accentuates the two aspects of Jenny's exterior and inner co-existing weak girl and independent strong woman.
  • 2018.11.12
    release date
    It is a BTOB ballad song with a medium tempo meaning that it is beautiful and sad that this time living now will never come back.

    The harmony of the warmth of the orchestration and retro guitar sound stimulates the mood of a sad autumn.
  • 2020.11.12
    Release date
    It is a new song in the genre of "DBS" mixed with Drum & bass and synthwave.

    STAYC's unique and sensuous voice, which is heard every time the part changes, will be enough to give listeners a fresh shock to the extent that they cannot be believed to be rookies.

    As the lyrics of the chorus "Really I Want You So Bad" say, I am still not familiar with love and am not good at it, but it is a song that expresses STAYC's Teen Fresh proudly.
  • 2020.11.13
    Release date
    House rhythm and analog synthesizer sound create a dreamy atmosphere, and the lyrics written by Choi Kang-min express the comfort of hope that he will overcome the loneliness and hopelessness he has given in the rest of his time with love.
  • 2019.11.14
    release date
    Mindful of other people's eyes, the style that is made by cutting down is not truly "HIP."

    The lyrics mean that any appearance is emitted when you care for, love, and care for yourself, and they are concentrated on the identity of the confident and confident charm that MAMAMOO has pursued so far.

    The title track "HIP," whose unique theme captivates ears with its rhythmical brass and string sound, has enhanced its completeness with an arrangement that adds an addictive melody to the ingenious beat.
  • 2019.11.15
    release date
    Where did my magical powers come from? Who's that voice calling me?

    One day a mysterious voice sings Elsa, and threatens the peaceful Arendelle kingdom.

    Troll tells us everything started in the past and advises us to leave in search of the secrets and truth of Elsa's power.

    Elsa and Anna, who have to save the endangered Arendelle kingdom, go on a perilous amazing adventure with Christophe, Olaf and Sven in search of the hidden past truth.

    Elsa, who was afraid of her own power, must now believe that she has enough power to get through this adventure...

    Break your fear and meet a new fate!
  • 2018.11.15
    release date
    You can't miss, you can't forget, you can't love.

    If you still don't know the real reason why you got dumped,
  • 1992.11.15
    release date
    He started his career as SM Entertainment's No. 1 singer.

    It is a hip-hop song from singer Hyun Jin-young's second album "New Dance 2" (1992). It was composed by Lee Tak.

    With its explosive popularity, it heated up the end of 1992. It was the mega-hit number of the time when it topped the KBS top 10 list for a total of five weeks, followed by MBC's 'Your Popular Song' for seven consecutive weeks and SBS's SBS Popular Song for six consecutive weeks.

    It is a representative music of Generation X with a high degree of perfection, hoodie, costumes represented by a large X mark, and colorful performances.
  • 2020.11.15
    release date
    Everyone feels that their breakup is special, but in the end, their separation is similar to the process and the flow of emotions.

    So many people live well after the hard experience. But the moment of parting is so unbearable.

    I hope I'm such an obvious, ordinary, common person at that very momentarily.

    Like countless farewells that time solves, singer Lee Seung-gi sings calmly, with an earnest desire to be such an obvious man.
  • 2020.11.16
    Release date
    Anyone who knows what the speaker warns about in the song and how to see the hurt eyes hidden in neat clothes will soon notice.

    This is a device for natural development in the story of AKMU that will unfold in the future, heralding another leap forward.
  • 2020.11.17
    release date
    SM rookie girl group Aespa.

    With a powerful dance song based on signature synth sound and intense bass, the catchy hook that seems to be memorizing orders stands out.

    In particular, the lyrics feature a world-view story of adventures that unfold as people learn that "Black Mamba" is a threat to the world, disrupting the connection between Aespa and Avatar "ae."
  • 2017.11.17
    release date
    It is an addictive up-tempo pop dance song called "Peekaboo," which means signature flapping sounds, groovy rhythms and peekaboo, and draws attention by comparing the current generation's lifestyle with cool ways of love to playing in playgrounds and expressing the thrilling feelings felt by new love in lyrics.
  • 2020.11.17
    release date
    With the ten pop dance song, which is a powerful saxophone hook and upbeat that is hard to reject, today's prom party tactfully expresses the boldness and confidence to show off my charm and value to the fullest, further upgrading the addictive quality of the song.
  • 2020.11.17
    Release date
    The song contains the complex emotions of a person who lives a daily life left behind in the absence of a person who has left.

    CNBLUE's emotional melody and alternative rock arrangement, such as the various rock music that CNBLUE has shown so far, has enhanced the level of the song with the heightened pop sound of the chorus.