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  • 2012.2.3
    broadcast day
    ☆ It's an OST for movie "Sympathy".

    Before 2011, It was treated as a hidden masterpiece that only fewpeople knew about, but when this song sung in the fifth episode of "I'm a Singer," it was even a candidate for the No. 1 spot on Music Bank.

    Due to the chorus, which is the highlight of the song, it is famous for being difficult for ordinary people to sing. So it was once said that it was a song that women hoped their boyfriend would not go to karaoke and sing. This is because it is a high-pitched area and necessary to sing it in a tone with a subtle appeal to emphasize the feeling of the original song. Moreover, it is very difficult to imitate Lim's unique mournful voice because it supports the chorus.
  • 2021.2.3
    Release Date
    A housewife who went to land looking for a rabbit's liver. I'm heading home to say hello before I leave.

    When she went back to her bedroom, leaving behind her mother's dissuasion of her sudden visit to the land, her wife also dissuaded her, but her concern was unexpected.