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  • 2018.5.28
    release date
    It is a solo song by Jungkook, a theme song of LOVE YOURSELF 起 'Wonder' video released in April 2018, and will open the door for the entire LOVE YOURSELF series.

    Produced by Chainsmokers' "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down," and produced by producer DJ Swivel, who won the "Best Dance Recording" category at the 2017 Grammy Awards in the U.S. It is EDM pop music based on Future Bass.

    Along with Jung-kook's delicate, clear and clear voice, a trendy sound met and unraveled his feelings about falling in love.

    The song clearly reveals Jungkook's unique delicate vocals and emotions.

    In addition to the addictive chorus and vocal synth, RM participates in the lyrics and the narrative lyrics blend together to create harmony.
  • 2018.5.28
    Release Date
    It is an electronic pop song that combines classical R&B sensibility and refined sauce that gives refreshing feeling in the 90s.

    It features addictive chorus, unique composition, and cathartic drops.