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  • 2018.3.9
    Release date
    ☆It is reborn as a collaboration with pianist 'Yiruma' and presents a new look with a unique sensibility MV.
  • 1985.3.10
    release date
    ♡ In 1982, he participated in the Yeonpo Song Festival as a vocalist of the vocal duo Bin Surre and won the Excellence Prize for his self-composed song "Late."

    After that, he became very popular when he made his solo debut in 1985 with his own song "Wind Wind Wind Wind" from his first solo album.

    In 1985, he won the KBS Song Award for Best New Artist, and in 1986, he won the Top 10 Artist Award at MBC and KBS.
  • 1987.3.10
    release date
    ♡ Jeon Young-rok was born in Seoul in 1954 as the second son between then South Korean actor Hwang Hae-hyun and singer Baek Seol-hee.

    He made his debut in 1971 when he appeared on the CBS radio program "Young Festival."

    At first, he debuted as a movie actor after his father, and later became a singer because he was fluent in various fields such as composing and writing lyrics. He was a middle school classmate with comedian Lee Hong-ryul, and actor Lee Duk-hwa was also three years senior to his elementary school and a second-generation celebrity.

    He was one of the most active singers in the 1980s, and his representative songs include "Write Love in Pencil," "Paperology," "It must be still a dark night," and "Bulti."

    He also appeared in various movies and acted as an actor, and his representative works include "Dolai".
  • 2021.3.10
    Release Date
    Yoon Jong-shin's colloquial lyrics, which he wrote while imagining the day of the graduation ceremony, honestly unravels the story of his feelings on the day of the graduation.
  • 2021.3.10
    Release Date
    The song is about the philosophical agony of losing presence in the flow of time.
  • 2019.3.11
    Release Date
    Can't you sleep?

    Do you have nightmares?

    Did she break up?

    Do you feel depressed, depressed, hopeless?

    Is there anyone you miss?

    Don't you feel anything about the things that once made you happy?

    Are you lonely?


    Is it a sleepless night?
  • 2021.3.11
    Release Date
    Rhythmic synthesizers and drum programming catch the ears as if they portray the brilliance and speed of Seoul in front of them.
  • 2018.3.12
    release date
    ☆It is a pop-sound-based house track that tries to make a variety of arrangements to match the tone of the seven members.

    'I comfort you with a loving gaze' is characterized by GOT7's charm in the pure emotion of the lyrics.

    In particular, GOT7's "Look" combines the powerful performance flow with bright sounds to satisfy the fun of listening to and watching music at once.
  • 2009.3.12
    release date
    ☆Urban Club House Groove and Funky Rhythm is a crossover urban minimal funky genre that is well matched with 'Super Junior's image and vocals, giving it a trendy feel.

    It is the work of the best composer Yoo Young-jin, and the catchy chorus melody repeats the word 'SORRY 'and 'SHAWTY' catches the ear at once.

    In addition, famous U.S. choreographers Nick Beth who worked with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake worked with on the stage with more sophisticated and energetic performances, enough to satisfy the eyes and ears of music fans.
  • 2021.3.12
    Release Date
    'Gone' is a sub-title song from Rosé's solo album 'R'.

    She solved her feelings of organizing her lover for the lastly.

    The minimal arrangement centered on the guitar and Rose's appealing voice were impressive, drawing favorable reviews.
  • 2021.3.12
    Release Date
    The lyrics of "On The Ground," which contains a message that I always ran to a higher place, but the important value is in me, make me realize once again what we were missing in this era.
  • 2020.3.13
    broadcast day
    ☆It is an exciting rhythm dance trot that expresses admiration for one's loved ones in the buzzword "jjin." (truly)

    In particular, Beethoven's 'For Elise' was sampled to add a classic feel, and the repeated chorus is addictive that cannot be forgotten once heard.
  • 2020.3.13
    broadcast day
    ☆This song stimulates emotions by dramatic composition and poetic lyrics.
  • 2019.3.13
    release date
    It is a song that features a POP-based groovy sound and the rhythmical singing method of 'Park Bom', which contains many messages through the figurative expression of spring.

    In particular, the chorus part 'Will spring come to me, too?'Park Bom' has a unique mournful emotion.

    Led by Brave Entertainment's head 'Brave Brothers', the song was co-produced by producers 'Chakun' and 'Red Cookie' and featured 'Sandarabak'.
  • 2017.3.13
    release date
    ☆The song combines powerful hip-hop rhythms with strong future sounds.

    It tells the story of meeting true love and bearing fruit.