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  • 2018.8.19
    Release date
    It is a delicate and beautiful melody composed by Sung Si-kyung, written by Shim Hyun-bo, and it contains a heartbreaking love story that covers the loneliness hidden behind the emotion of love.

    In the meantime, Sung Si-kyung's emotions, which brought out sweet ballads, were expressed in a calm and lonesome way by Yang Hee-eun, who had different tones and singing styles.

    Sung Si-kyung's song, which seems easy to sing but is difficult, is a song in a large range of tones, and Yang Hee-eun reveals delicate emotions with a deep voice of experience and sincerely unravels various slopes of life.
  • 2019.8.19
    Release Date
    It is impressive to see the lyrics that describe the moment the boy grows up and opens his eyes to a new world as "DANCE" in a fantasy way.
  • 2019.8.20
    release date
    It is an uptempo dance song with a disco house rhythm, and the lyrics, which are based on swimming, tactfully expressed the desire to make pleasant memories by teaching breathing techniques to the opponent who is immersed in his eyes and charm.
  • 2020.8.20
    release date
    "Tes-hyung!" (Tes- Bro) is a Korean trot song composed, written and sung by Na Hoon-a.

    It was included in Na Hoon-a's ninth full-length album, "The Nine Tales," released on August 20, 2020, and it drew attention from netizens by calling Socrates 'hyung' and asking about life, love, and the time and time that flows.

    Na Hoon-a sang the song in front of the public for the first time on "Korea Again Na Hoon-a," which aired on KBS2 on Chuseok in 2020.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    Although it is a PBR&B-style song, it is unique in that it uses old school sauce rather than 808 drums that are commonly used.

    ' BTS' repeatedly asks if it makes sense for love to change easily, and sings of the despondent feelings and lingering feelings that come at the end of love.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    [DARK & WILD] The sweetest hip-hop song in the album.

    The day I came back from a shameful act in front of a person I like, I lied down to sleep and suddenly remembered that moment and felt embarrassed again. Everyone will be there at least once.

    ' BTS' unravels this moment's emotion of wanting to kick a blanket.

    The boy's fresh sensibility and the cozy guitar sound go well together.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The song was created under the influence of Neptunes, a modern reinterpretation of black soul music in the 1970s.

    Superfricode's representative Advancement (JINBO) and beatmaker '250' worked together.

    Jinbo is a musician respected by anyone who likes black music, and he worked with ' BTS' for the first time.

    BTS is played in a bouncy, humorous voice that has never been shown before.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The first electronic trap (ELECTRO TRAP) hip-hop song ' BTS' tries.

    They described themselves as the second year of their debut as 'second year in the music industry.

    Teacher, is there a college entrance exam here, too. If you win first place, is that a successful singer? That's good, but I want to do music.The lyrics " give us not only a sense of lyrics for BTS, but also a sense of determination to pursue 'real music' in the future.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    Urban hip-hop song that combines NEO SOUL with exciting hip-hop drums.

    'Please turn off your phone' is a story that you tell people who are just looking at their cell phones while sitting face to face.

    ' BTS' has used social issues as a source of music in previous albums, including the expensive packaging craze among middle and high school students.

    This time, with lyrics like "Everyone says smart, but we're getting stupid.," he wittyly points out how the world is holding on to his cell phone.

    Rap Monster proved his talent as a singer-songwriter by making the lyrics and melodies of the song himself.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The combination of powerful rock guitar sounds and cool-hit drums created an exciting hip-hop music.

    "My heart beats in front of a beautiful woman because of her hormonal effects," BTS tells me interesting lyrics.

    DJ Snatch of the hip-hop crew 'Dae Nam Hyub' with Rap Monster since he was active in the underground, participated as a scratch.

    Rapping and fresh lyrics that are hard to find in existing songs are attractive.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The unique title of 'Hip Hop Lovers' means hip-hop lovers.

    BTS honestly confesses why she has to love hip-hop.

    It is a song that shows how hip-hop felt when you first encountered it as a child, and what it means in your life afterwards.

    In particular, the rap monster captures the ears with lyrics that express his sincerity, such as "Hip-hop that is written in life" and now part of his life.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    It's an urban hip-hop song that expresses the excitement of a date.

    These days I convey the fresh feeling of love through the lyrics of "Sunday" "I keep fluttering like a kid on my first date with you.

    The refreshing melody better expresses the boy's shy mind.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    An emotional hip-hop song with a theme of 'B'and a jazz sound.

    BTS unraveled his memories of his trainee years with music.

    On a day of unknown depression and frustration, he wrote lyrics about the scenery and emotions he encountered while walking on a rainy street without an umbrella.

    A calm jazz piano and a Contra bass performance add to the loneliness of the song.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    From the excitement of a man who has just begun to love to the anger of an unruly love. It features feelings at the beginning and end of love in one track.

    BTS's leader, Rap Monster, is responsible for the three-minute intro track alone and presents flawless rapping.

    Digesting 64 long beats, not even a second of boredom is allowed.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    A self-composed song by ' BTS' SUGA. From vocal directing to overall production, Suga was in charge of it.

    The song, a PBR&B genre, is special in that it offers dreamy sensibilities and three-dimensional sounds.

    V's medium and low-pitched voice makes the song's dreamy atmosphere live up to the fullest.

    Even after the breakup, she expressed her feelings hovering around her.