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  • 2018.4.24
    Release date
    It is a song that reminds everyone of the hottest moment of love, and it is brightly arranged so that they can listen to all four seasons comfortably by adding shuffle to the ballad.

    I hope it will be a moment to go back to the hottest days of life while listening to this song.
  • 2008.4.24
    Release date
    Country style, an American popular music that occurred in American folk songs and was enjoyed mostly by white people.
  • 2020.5.1
    Release Date
    Whee In, who was in charge of singing "My Tears Collection," completed "My Tears Collection," a ballad pronoun in the 90s, more beautifully and emotionally, through a delicate and sad voice.

    Acoustic arrangement and Whee In's calm vocals further maximized the unique atmosphere of the song. Unlike the original song, the remake version of "My Tears Gathering" has been reborn as a song that heightens loneliness with strings and harmonica performances centered on lyrical acoustic guitars.
  • 2019.5.6
    Release Date
    It is a song that unravels the inevitable element of the relationship and love story that Park Hyo-shin has constantly talked about, "separation," "letting go," and "a new beginning," not disconnection.
  • 2018.5.8
    Release Date
    'Love in Love' is the song that best suits BEN and is the song that best shows BEN's music.

    Although he broke up, he completed his thoughts as if he were in a relationship after several recordings and modifications, melting Ben's powerful singing ability and mournful yet pure voice.
  • 2020.5.11
    Release date
    'Zombie' sings about the despair faced by something that interferes with the balance of love. The chorus that moves around the mouth even once you hear it is addictive.

    With the lyrics "When did the mindless scarecrow with empty head and heart start to do this" reveals the emptiness of 'I'm', which lives no different than zombies.

    He drew a zombie who lost his emotion due to the hip-hop-based rhythm and ballad-like chord progression. The rock sound and powerful vocals create an impressive contrast by singing the feelings of love that are still lingering.
  • 2019.5.17
    release date
    "My Last Words Not To You" is a medium ballad song that is different from Davichi's traditional ballad, heralding the birth of a 2019 Davichi-style, unique medium ballad hit following "Two Love," 'Don't Say Goodbye," 'Because I Miss You Today' and 'Turtle.'

    The song, "My Last Words I Didn't Say To You," which contains a cheerful melody and a longing for a lover who I loved, adds Davichi's delicate and sentimental sensibility and a refreshing tone, which makes you feel as if you are watching a movie.
  • 2018.5.18
    release date
    "The Truth Untold" is a pop ballad genre that is a unit song of the vocal line following "LOST" and "Dimple."

    The voices and piano of Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook lead the song.

    Steve Aoki, who made the remix version of "MIC Drop," participated in the production.

    It is a perfect harmony between sophisticated melodies, restrained emotions, and charming voices.
  • 2020.5.19
    Release Date
    Starting with a soft piano melody, "Would You Marry Me?" is a song with groovy instruments plus the popping sound of the Wobble Synth.

    Lee Joon, Yoon Doo-joon of Highlight, and Kwang-hee, who worked with Jung Yong-hwa on MBC's entertainment show "Infinite Challenge" wedding singles in 2016, participated in the featuring to congratulate couples who are starting anew in difficult times, and to fans who have seen their friendship for a long time.
  • 2021.5.21
    Release date
    There are times when you get hit by life and become dull with excitement.

    Then one day, I feel strange and afraid of the small tremors in my heart that suddenly came, but I am also glad.

    The song carefully captures the clumsy but clunky mind, perhaps unnoticed by being around all the time.

    Through this song, I hope everyone recognizes the love that is nearby.
  • 2018.5.25
    Release date
    In Sung Sikyung's sweet voice, love is perhaps not a special, dramatic scene, but a heart that we are always together in a normal and trivial day like walking and eating together.

    Sung Si-kyung's voice, which sometimes recites and sometimes dreams, perfectly expresses the golden sunset scene, and the piano and guitar, which express gentle emotions at the border between jazz and pop, support his voice.

    The string melody brings out its impressions and adds color to the beautiful harmonies so that they blend in with the deep emotions that seem to have returned to the distant past.
  • 2021.5.26
    Release date
    Our memories burned to the ground. Farewell... and waiting...

    It is a heart-throbbing parting emotional ballad created by combining appealing voice and excellent singing.
  • 2021.5.26
    Release date
    A fresh confession song about an old friend that I realized at some point.

    The lyrics unravel the moments of excitement in everyday life.
  • 2019.5.30
    Release date
    It is an acoustic ballad song that allows you to enjoy abundant sound through musical instruments recorded as a real session, and the lyrics express empathy by comparing the heart of a lover who is in familiarity and comfort on a cool summer night, and the vocals of 20-year-old singers and Yoon-ah, who participated in featuring, maximized the emotional atmosphere of the song.
  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    A remake of a duet version of singer Sung Si-kyung's song released in 2002.

    It is characterized by a band arrangement with a refreshing sound and a soft flute performance.

    Paul Kim's sweet harmony with Joy's clear vocals creates a loving and romantic atmosphere.