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  • 2019.12.9
    release date
    It is an Easy Listening song that combines bouncy beats and melodies.

    She joined forces with DJ and production duo Sondr, who worked with famous foreign pop artists such as Lana Del Ray and Meghan Trainor, to enhance the perfection of the song.
  • 2010.12.9
    release date
    With IU's confession song as a gift to her fans, the thunder member of MBLAQ, who has built friendship with IU since she was a trainee, participated in the rap and gave her strength.

    "In advance Merry Christmas" is completed with IU's clear voice and a warm-hearted arrangement, a love song that will beautifully color everyone's hearts this winter.
  • 2010.12.9
    release date
    The song is on a scale reminiscent of a musical, and features a unique composition in which violin, brass, guitar and organ solo are played in the form of exchanging with IU, based on its grand yet dynamic sound centered on cheerful melodies, strings and funky brass rhythms.

    "Good Day" depicts the heartache of a girl who likes 'Oppa" but can't easily confess and is ashamed, expressing the sweet yet arid feelings of her first love purely and honestly.
  • 2017.12.11
    release date
    It is a song about TWICE's desire to bravely approach the opponent who has shaken his heart and achieve his love.

    The bold lyrics such as "I'm Tzuyu," "It's my phone number," and "I can't help but fall in love," are impressive songs.
  • 2018.12.13
    release date
    The weighty 808 bass and addictive chorus are impressive pop dance songs.

    The lyrics contain a message wishing to regain the meaning of true love that is gradually being forgotten in the bleak world and to be together.

    Members Chen and Chanyeol participated in the lyrics, further doubling the charm of the song.
  • 2004.12.13
    release date
    On December 13, 2004, he released his second album Virgilness Bloom.

    There were two music videos on the record, "Gaga" and "Two of you.

    In particular, "Two of You" became the talk of the town as soon as it was released, and the music video also gathered attention and quickly topped the list of views right after its release.

    Due to its continued popularity, "Two" topped the list of phone calls, and it was also the first time since its debut with "Two" at M Countdown on February 17, 2005.
  • 2020.12.18
    Release date
    This miraculous meeting is all the more precious because we can laugh and be together forever because we are together.

    The lyrics of the second verse of "Fireworks" were especially quoted by fan letters written by fans to express their faith and gratitude for each other.

    It also sends a deep consolation and hopeful message to Universe, who would have waited for the complete song of the nine Pentagon members more than anyone else.

    I dedicate this song to PENTAGON and UNIVERSE with the encouragement that they did a great job.
  • 2018.12.19
    release date
    The song is a tropical pop dance genre full of freshness, and it is about whispering love to a lover.

    Starting with the exciting guitar and clap in the intro, an emotional melody and warm sound chorus will lead the first half of the song.

    The rhythmical whistling and bounce kick in the chorus create an exciting atmosphere different from the first half. Even in simple rhythms, the arrangement of different parts provides fun to listen to.

    "Everyone who listens to this song will find millions of reasons to be loved--"
  • 2020.12.25
    Recommended music
    It is a pop/house genre song with a carol-like instrument and a bell sound added with THE BOYZ's unique boyish vocals, complete with a perfect harmony. Like the title of the song, which means "Christmas vibe," the song has an atmosphere of the upcoming year-end, and it is impressive to have a warm confession that every day shines and flutters like Christmas when you are with an addictive melody that you can close your ears once you hear it.

    The music video, which is based on the concept of a prom party in a high-teen movie, captures the charming aspects of the members confessing in various ways to fans to be a date for a Christmas party, making viewers smile on their lips. The music video filmed the entire scene with an iPhone, focusing on the facial expressions and emotions of the members so that they can sympathize with the joyous and exciting emotions, and produced it with the hope that fans and the public who are having a hard time with the Corona 19 will approach it as a pleasant Christmas present.
  • 1990.12.30
    release date
    'Missing Face' is a song that has been greatly loved for its enchanting tone and Latin-style dance.

    Min Hae-kyung, who graduated from Gugak Arts High School, was the second TBC World song in 1980.I made my debut in the K-pop scene with the song "Who's song?" and in 1981, I was a teenage singer at MBC.She won a rookie award for the female part at the festival.

    In 1983, he won the Grand Prix and Best Artist Award at the 1st LA World song Festival.

    In 1990, he was the first Korean singer to win the grand prize at the 10th ABU National song Festival for 'I Want to See'.
  • 1999.12.30
    broadcast day
    Clone, who debuted in 1996, made a mark in the K-pop scene with the intense appearance of Kang Won-rae and Koo Joon-yeop.

    Starting with his first album "Kungtari Shabara" and "Nan," Clon performed hit songs such as "Escape the City," "Come Back" and "Choryeon."
  • 2016.12.31
    broadcast day
    BTS sang 'Let Me Introduce' by Kim Sung-jae (April 18, 1972, to November 20, 1995), who was very popular in 1995, at the MBC Music Festival in 2016.
  • 2020.12.31
    Release date
    It is a perfect reproduction of the atmosphere of New Jack Swing, the representative dance genre of the 90s, which features analog sound to the powerful 8 beat rhythm.

    The choreography of 'Let's Change to Me' properly incorporated the '90s fad dances, including the 'running man' dance, which was called 'Rabbit dance'.
  • 2019.1.2
    release date
    "Gotta Go" is the second song with Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon after "Roller Coaster," which has reached 100 million streams.

    The captivating flute sound resonates as if it were spreading curtains, followed by the plug sound, and Chung-ha's voice was added to the solid rhythm to complete the charming and addictive EDM.
  • 2018.1.3
    release date
    "BboomBboom," which means to spout charm, tells a funny story that I will spout my charm so that my favorite opposite sex can like me.

    The song, a collaboration between hit-maker 'Sinsa Dong Tiger' and 'Bumnangi', features a funky house genre featuring witty lyrics and easy melodies, plus simple guitar riffs and synth themes, creating an exciting atmosphere and a plot that turns into a trap hiphop in the second verse.