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  • 2015.5.29
    release date
    The mysterious combination, which captures the boy's fresh sensibility in a highly complete song and performance, resembles 'Seventeen'. The boy's cheerful wit, which hides between the melodies that make you hum as soon as you hear it, adds to the addiction.
  • 2019.5.30
    release date
    It is a song about Han Young-ae's "No One" (written by Yoon Myung-woon), a popular song of the 80s, adding Korean and retro lyrics that are inverted to the melody on top of the exotic sound of Indian style.

    Lee Ha-yi's new charm can be seen by expressing her desolate heart in a provocative and frank and confident manner.

    Citing Hwang Jin-yi's sijo, "A Long Night in the Dongjidal," the heart-rending story of waiting for a new love calmly unraveled, and iKON's B.I. participated in the featuring with rap making to add a sense of rhythm to the song.

    Also, the songs in the album, which are in collaboration with a colorful featuring group, will give listeners the fun of listening.
  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    I drew a magical story about you melting me when I was frozen.

    It is a cheerful and refreshing song with a chorus melody that cannot be forgotten just by listening to it once and parts that can be sung along with clapping.

    In particular, it catches the eye with dynamic performances, including "Magic Moves," a choreography that expresses the appearance of magic scattering from the sky.
  • 2020.6.1
    release date
    The title track 'MORE & MORE' is a song about feelings that make you crave more for your opponent when the excitement and sweetness of love ripens. The tropical house rhythm doubled the trendyness. In the chorus, musical instruments were placed so that they could focus on the splendid performance.

    MORE & MORE's music video uses vivid colors and light to create a fascinating and intense feeling. It gives visual pleasure with fantastic objects that might come from fairy tales. The nine members transform themselves into forest goddesses to maximize the mysterious and dreamy atmosphere. On top of that, the group dance scenes on the geometric underwater set taken in Jeju Island make it hard to take one's eyes off.
  • 2021.6.1
    Release date
    The story is about the eyes that exchange and the feeling of being attracted to each other so strongly that they bet everything.

    It delivers the energy of MONSTA X, who is full of confidence.

    Starting with Jooheon's narration of "If you don't know, now you know" (If you didn't know me, know me from now on), which became the key keyword of the song, it gives you a sense of immersion without a break.
  • 1990.6.2
    release date
    The song, "Like an Indian Doll," which was released in 1989 after forming a boom boom boom with Nami, became a mega hit, making rabbit dance, bowl hair, and oversized clothes popular.

    Nami is said to have been familiar with music since childhood because her father had a record shop in front of the U.S. military unit in Dongducheon.

    In a husky voice with a nasal voice, you're active from the 1980s to the early 90s, and you're acting like an indian doll, 'eternal friend', 'Sad connection', 'Don't tempt me.I'm leaving you.', 'Unjeong Go Woonjung', 'Last greeting', 'Love is a strange thing', 'Is it hateful or missful', 'Season' and so on were all the hits and received a lot of love.
  • 2018.6.2
    Broadcasting day
    Marking the 10th anniversary of his debut, he has a message that he will continue to show more developed SHINee-like music and images.

    A new sound reminiscent of a new morning is inserted into the intro to convey a fresh feeling, and the mysterious atmosphere and tension can be felt through the electric piano melody, the sound of future base sources, and the rhythm that varies.
  • 2020.6.2
    Release Date
    Mayday is a word that means "help me" or "rescue me," meaning "to save me from this dangerous chain of love."

    I know that you are in the process of a dangerous love with an end in sight, but the lyrics contain that you are so happy now, and even though you sent a rescue signal with the word "Mayday," you expressed your unwillingness to wait for the rescue.
  • 2015.6.3
    release date
    It is a bright dance song with a funky rhythm and musical instrument section, and the lyrics give you a pleasant energy with the lyrics saying that the midnight drive with your loved one is as exciting and happy as if you are traveling in space at night.
  • 2013.6.3
    release date
    It is a collaboration dance song of dubstep and hip-hop, featuring wild and powerful beats and sounds, and the lyrics provide a witty story about wolves living alone in the cave meeting a beautiful girl and feeling the emotion of love.
  • 2021.6.3
    Release date
    It is a song that expresses the freshness and excitement of the moment when love is just beginning in the language of "Now GHOST9."

    "The second story of the NOW series begins with every moment of emotion defined as love.

    It is a high-teen-style pop punk genre, and whenever the part is switched from the rhythmical guitar riff's intro, the variation of fresh and refreshing rhythm touches the everyday lyrics, evoking empathy for the love interpreted by GHOST9.
  • 2021.6.4
    Release date
    Amoeba Culture X NCT 127

    It delivers the final message of hidden supporters to the world that enables them to store, preserve and develop their precious values such as love, Earth, memories, dreams, and the future.
  • 2018.6.5
    Release date
    2018 City Pop, which reflects the realistic yet romantic times.

    It depicts a beautiful picture of 'Urban Woman', who sings about the feelings of men and women in a busy city and demands a confident expression from the other person.

    The sound is composed of all elements, including heavy bases, advanced drums, Mars, and singing methods, and features a simple but catchy melody.
  • 2021.6.7
    Release date
    It is a dance genre song with a cheerful rhythm, synthesizer, and a heavy base.

    The lyrics contain the charisma of youth to believe in one's beliefs and freely race forward at the moments of many choices one encounters in life, giving one an energetic charm.
  • 2016.6.9
    release date
    With a bright and cheerful R&B funk dance song with funky sounds and trendy disco tempo, it is the work of London Noise, which composed EXO "Lightsaber", SHINee "View", f(x) 4 Walls", Red Velvet "Dumb Dumb".

    It contains the heart-fluttering heart of a man leaving for the love of fate.