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  • 2020.3.30
    Release Date
    It is a modern rock song with a lyrical atmosphere and a lovely melody.

    exo Su-ho's sweet voice was supported by the actual band session, raising the dramatic atmosphere of the song.

    It is a story about a person who is clumsy and lacking in love meets someone who fills the shortage and dreams of a new love again.

    He expressed his feelings about his brilliant moments, which are changing with love.
  • 2015.3.30
    release date
    ☆The combination of addictive hooks, melodies and witty lyrics stands out, and it is powerfully completed with strong drum beats, bras and strings, adding to the fun of listening.
  • 2021.3.30
    Release Date
    The emotional guitar melody and exo Baekhyun's groovy vocals harmonize, and the song's charm doubles by portraying mature love stories with fairy tale-like expressions.
  • 2019.4.1
    Release Date
    "Beautiful Goodbye" is an impressive ballad song with delicate piano playing.

    The lyrics show a man preparing to part ways after seeing his lover withering away as time goes by, remembering his first beautiful encounter.

    Chen's mournful voice combined with the faint atmosphere of the song fascinates the ears.
  • 2012.4.9
    release date
    Gregory Chance and the magnificent sound of the orchestra not only redoubles the mysterious atmosphere of exo-K, but also the sharp synth, guitar riffs and intense shouts in the dance break, overwhelming the ears.

    The lyrics also sensibly convey the conflicts felt by modern people in the world of reality and digital (virtual), the sadness of lack of communication and the desire to regain pure love, further enhancing the perfection of the song.

    exo-K consists of Suho, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun, and D.O.
  • 2018.4.10
    Release Date
    It is a light and sophisticated dance pop song with the members' sweet tones, and the lyrics contain a sweet confession to her beautiful woman who bloomed in her heart like a flower and changed her day, which is enough to stimulate the fluttering emotions of spring.
  • 2019.4.12
    Release date
    The title track "Boy With Luv" is in contact with "Boy In Luv" released in February 2014, as the subtitle "Boy With Luv" suggests. If "Boy With Luv" talked about childhood love, "Boy With Luv" is about the small things that learn about small daily lives and happiness, and keeping them is true love and real power. It sings "The Joy of Love, the Joy of Small and Simple Love," not the peace of the world and the great order, etc.

    In particular, global singer Halsey participated in the featuring, expressing various feelings of excitement from the joy and joy of love, and organized a performance to see the members' expressions and acting.

    The music video of the title song "Boy With Luv" features the members' attractive performances in and out of exotic and colorful sets as if they were watching a musical film.
  • 2020.4.14
    release date
    With powerful drums, colorful vocal melodies and harmonies impressive urban-hip hop genres, Drew Ryan Scott, Sean Michael Alecander, who created exo's "Coming Over," MONSTA X's "DRAMARAMA" and TWICE's "Heart Shaker" by Alligator.

    In addition, lyricist Seo Ji-eum, who created the representative hit song of the nation's top idol group, participated in the event to portray the bold aspirations of CRAVITY (Cravity) to the world with sensuous lyrics.

    'Break all the Rules,' a hopeful and comforting young people who want to move forward without hesitation, compresses the eye-overwhelming performance and the charm of the ambitious members under the theme 'Break all the rules and the framework locked in yourself.

    In particular, the operation of the tight rap-vocal line along with the sound of rough texture, powerful chorus, is enough to show the completed teamwork.
  • 2014.5.7
    release date
    It's an urban-feeling dance song based on hip-hop and R&B, and world-renowned production team The Underdogs, who worked with famous pop stars such as Beyonce, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, and renowned composer Kenzie, who made a number of hit songs, have collaborated to enhance the perfection of the song.

    The lyrics portray the story of a man who is addicted to a deadly and intense love as if he overdosed on a sweet medicine, drawing attention as they metaphorically express the hearts of many fans addicted to draw attention.
  • 2020.5.13
    Release Date
    Bol4 Ahn Jiyoung, exo Baekhyun. Two artists with unique tones met to create the warmest and most emotional duet this spring.

    It digested the unique affectionate and lovely sensibility of the lyrics of "The Butterfly and the Cat" with a refreshing and soft tone.

    It is the first new style duet by Bol4, with the jazz piano and string ensemble in the chorus creating a mysterious atmosphere, with the highlight of the middle of the song driven by Martian instruments.
  • 2021.5.14
    Release date
    It is a song about the feelings of youth just becoming an adult, and it depicts the worries of people in their 20s who are confused by complex social concepts and laws such as human relations, law, flexibility, and money in a fence called "Society."

    In the song, people and society were compared to cars and roads, respectively, and many rules to live by were compared to traffic lights.

    It is a song that compares "beginning of society in the world" and "beginner driver on the road" to others.
  • 2020.5.25
    release date
    The title song of the trendy R&B genre, 'Candy', Baekhyun's charm appeal song with no exit!

    The title track "Candy" is a futuristic R&B song that has an impressive wave of trendy melodies that unfolds over addictive synth sounds, and the lyrics compare Baekhyun's colorful charm to various flavors of candy, which is witty.
  • 2019.5.30
    release date
    It is a song about Han Young-ae's "No One" (written by Yoon Myung-woon), a popular song of the 80s, adding Korean and retro lyrics that are inverted to the melody on top of the exotic sound of Indian style.

    Lee Ha-yi's new charm can be seen by expressing her desolate heart in a provocative and frank and confident manner.

    Citing Hwang Jin-yi's sijo, "A Long Night in the Dongjidal," the heart-rending story of waiting for a new love calmly unraveled, and iKON's B.I. participated in the featuring with rap making to add a sense of rhythm to the song.

    Also, the songs in the album, which are in collaboration with a colorful featuring group, will give listeners the fun of listening.
  • 2015.6.3
    release date
    It is a bright dance song with a funky rhythm and musical instrument section, and the lyrics give you a pleasant energy with the lyrics saying that the midnight drive with your loved one is as exciting and happy as if you are traveling in space at night.
  • 2013.6.3
    release date
    It is a collaboration dance song of dubstep and hip-hop, featuring wild and powerful beats and sounds, and the lyrics provide a witty story about wolves living alone in the cave meeting a beautiful girl and feeling the emotion of love.