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  • 2018.12.3
    release date
    It is a ballad song that sings about when the moment of true miracle is for got7.

    "For got7, who debuted in January 2014, the real miracle is the moment when I met my fans who helped me overcome the cold and hard times like winter."

    JYP chief Park Jin-young participated in the lyrics, adding speciality to the song.
  • 2020.12.25
    Recommended music
    got7's sweet winter confession song.

    JYP Entertainment's chief producer Park Jin-young participated in writing and composing the song.

    The story is about a man who has no courage and confesses his love by using the power of a song.
  • 2021.2.20
    Release Date
    It is a song that contains a message that got7 wants to convey to the fans "I got7," which is always with us, and it means that we want to continue singing for our fans like the title.
  • 2018.3.12
    release date
    ☆It is a pop-sound-based house track that tries to make a variety of arrangements to match the tone of the seven members.

    'I comfort you with a loving gaze' is characterized by got7's charm in the pure emotion of the lyrics.

    In particular, got7's "Look" combines the powerful performance flow with bright sounds to satisfy the fun of listening to and watching music at once.
  • 2017.3.13
    release date
    ☆The song combines powerful hip-hop rhythms with strong future sounds.

    It tells the story of meeting true love and bearing fruit.
  • 2016.3.21
    release date
    ☆Based on the trap music sound of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), the two genres of funky and hip-hop are exquisitely crossed over on this song. Up-tempo beat's exciting melody, 'got7's intense rap and refreshing vocals meet to boast a more powerful and charismatic charm.

    Especially pure confession of a man whose heart is unbelievably beating so fast is expressed; 'I want to go higher, I'm gonna go straight higher', 'I'll heat my heart up', 'Our time is like a cross between a shower and the sun.' Lyrics and long-lasting melody lines that express the heart of a man running without hesitation are arranged everywhere through the song to entertain the ears.
  • 2017.3.25
    Broadcasting day
    ☆"Q" is a sweet R&B song with medium tempo, with got7 member 'JB'(Defsoul) participating in writing and composing.

    The lyrics contain the heart of a man in love. The cute and witty lyrics that ask you to send a love "Q sign" are outstanding.
  • 2020.4.20
    release date
    JYP chief Park Jin-young participated in writing, composing, and arranging the song, exploding a unique synergy with got7.

    Dark-colored melodies spread like gradations, leading to the chorus.

    "You're the reason why I'm alive"" Now don't let go of this hand you're holding again""" Don't swear like the moon every day" with a heavy sound and charming voice added to the song's echo.
  • 2016.4.23
    Broadcasting day
    It compared the feeling of tension to a baseball game.

    It is a song that has a drive-like arrangement of retro-hip-hop sensibility and a pop and easy melody that is perfect for addiction.
  • 2019.5.20
    release date
    Park Jin-young, the head of JYP, wrote the lyrics and composed by got7 leader JB.
  • 2021.6.15
    Release date
    got7 BamBam's first solo mini album.

    The song features an easy and addictive melody line and hopeful lyrics, which is full of BamBam's new charm that he has never seen before.

    BamBam's unique bright and lovely energy maximized the charm of the song.
  • 2014.6.23
    release date
    It is a song made by expressing the Korean expression 'A' in the English alphabet A when the other person is hiding his or her innermost thoughts.

    It is an up-tempo R&B song with hip-hop rhythms attached to the R&B Mars, giving a bright and energetic feeling.
  • 2015.7.13
    release date
    It combines pop melodies with Southern Hiphop rhythm in the southern U.S., featuring witty lyrics and unique sounds, and the addictive chorus is impressive.

    Mark, Jackson and BamBam's colorful rap and refreshing junior, JB's voice, and Yugyeom and Youngjae's sweet vocals make the song even more exciting and sweet with the story of a man who always instills confidence in his worried girlfriend.
  • 2021.7.29
    Release date
    It's a song about a kind of "belief" that if you continue to accept an object, you will be filled with people, love, ability, growth, whatever at some point, like the sea, and it means that you want to throw yourself at it.
  • 2018.9.17
    release date
    A pop song of Urban Deep House with an impressive dreamy synth sound.

    The lyrics delicately and frankly expressed the feelings of love as sweet and happy as a dream.

    got7 turns into seven sweet guys and whispers sweet melodies to listeners.