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  • 2017.11.17
    release date
    It is an addictive up-tempo pop dance song called "Peekaboo," which means signature flapping sounds, groovy rhythms and peekaboo, and draws attention by comparing the current generation's lifestyle with cool ways of love to playing in playgrounds and expressing the thrilling feelings felt by new love in lyrics.
  • 2018.11.30
    Release date
    It is an R&B pop dance song featuring a melodious bras sauce, and its addictive melody blends well with red velvet's cool high notes and colorful ad-libs, adding to the fun of listening to the lyrics boldly expressing interesting feelings toward the strongly attracted "Bad Guy."
  • 2019.12.23
    release date
    The title track "Psycho" is an up-tempo urban pop song that combines red velvet's deft yet humorous vocals.

    The catchy hook over the ever-changing melody stands out, and the lyrics contain a cool message from a lover who admits that they are the only ones in the end, even though they look like "Psycho."
  • 2016.1.5
    broadcast day
    It is a warm-hearted pop ballad song that combines acoustic sounds and red velvet members' voices, and the lyrics are enough to be loved as a representative winter song that allows you to feel the warmth of winter with the wish tree, which contains the wish to always be with your loved ones.
  • 2018.1.29
    release date
    ☆ It is a hip-hop-based R&B dance song, with a groovy synth melody and heavy bass sound added to the addiction, and the lyrics are eye-catching as it contains the near-death feelings of a bad man and a haughty woman attracted to each other.
  • 2017.2.1
    release date
    red velvet's "Rookie" is a pop dance song with a funky groove with a catchy brass sound and a light guitar rhythm. Not only does the cute and witty lyrics that compare a loved one to "Rookie" stand out, but the repetition of "Rookie" gives a strong addiction.
  • 2015.3.17
    release date
    ☆It is an electronic pop song with an impressive mysterious music box sound, combining sweet bitter synth melodies with street drums, giving it a lovely yet energetic atmosphere.

    The lyrics contain the heart-fluttering emotions of a girl who is infatuated with the sweet taste of love like Ice Cream Cake.
  • 2015.3.17
    release date
    ☆It's an urban genre song with an impressive soft melody on top of a groovy drum beat, which unravels the mind automatically attracted to the someone with delicate lyrics.

    Their relaxed languid voices are attractive.
  • 2016.3.17
    release date
    ☆It is an R&B ballad song that combines beautiful orchestras, dreamy piano performances and sophisticated rhythms, and the emotional voices of the members of red velvet blend well with the mood of the song, making them feel warm.

    The lyrics, which were inspired by an old fairytale of Korea "Gyeonu & Jiknye" who are lovers who can only meet once a year on 7th of July, remind you of the moment you were with your loved one and hope that you will meet them again after a break-up time, giving you a sentimental yet warm feeling like a fairy tale.
  • 2020.3.20
    release date
    ☆A pop group of 90's "Bases"s "Introduce me a good person" released in 1996 meets Joy's refreshing voice and is reborn as a more cheerful song in about 24 years.

    The arrangement was performed by the two-member production team Lundi Blues, which further enhanced Joy's charming voice.

    As the original song was loved by the public in the past, the remake version was also completed to maximize the rhythm and melody of the original song.

    On top of that, rhythmical and acoustic elements that fit Joy's clear voice have further doubled the feeling of the lovely lyrics.
  • 2017.3.31
    release date
    ☆It is a warm and comfortable medium-tempo pop song with a simple arrangement consisting of only acoustic piano, bass and drums.

    The lyrics express the girl's heart looking forward to the fairytale-like moment when the desired love comes true blend with the lovely tone of 'red velvet' and you can fully feel the spring atmosphere that has come.
  • 2021.4.5
    Release Date
    It conveys a message of gratitude for the precious people who stood by and hope for a new journey.
  • 2021.4.5
    Release date
    It is a slow-tempo ballad song that combines a heavy piano performance with Wendy's warm vocals.

    Dynamic singing stands out from delicate emotional expressions to explosive high notes.

    The lyrics, which describe Wendy's autobiographical story, contain a message of sympathy and comfort that sometimes it's okay to take a break for a while when you're tired of life.
  • 2020.5.20
    Release Date
    When you feel down and feel heavy, clap with people around you. It looks simple, but it can create a cheerful atmosphere in an instant with energy and laughter.
  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    A modern rock genre song remade of singer Park Hye-kyung's 'Hello' released in 2003.

    Joy's cool vocals harmonize with the hopeful lyrics to forget the hard times and welcome a new day.

    The cheerful brass performance plus a speedy arrangement is enough to feel a different charm from the original song.