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  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    A modern rock genre song remade of singer Park Hye-kyung's 'Hello' released in 2003.

    Joy's cool vocals harmonize with the hopeful lyrics to forget the hard times and welcome a new day.

    The cheerful brass performance plus a speedy arrangement is enough to feel a different charm from the original song.
  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    A remake of a duet version of singer Sung Si-kyung's song released in 2002.

    It is characterized by a band arrangement with a refreshing sound and a soft flute performance.

    Paul Kim's sweet harmony with Joy's clear vocals creates a loving and romantic atmosphere.
  • 2016.6.9
    release date
    With a bright and cheerful R&B funk dance song with funky sounds and trendy disco tempo, it is the work of London Noise, which composed EXO "Lightsaber", SHINee "View", f(x) 4 Walls", red velvet "Dumb Dumb".

    It contains the heart-fluttering heart of a man leaving for the love of fate.
  • 2019.6.19
    release date
    It is an electronic pop genre song that combines rhythmic drumming, catchy synth and cool melodies, featuring dramatic developments reminiscent of a colorful parade.

    Daniel Caesar and Ludwig Lindell, composers of the super powerful summer song "red Flavor" that hit the summer of 2017, participated in the composition and arrangement, and worked together with red velvet once again.

    The title of the song and the word "Zimzalabim," which leads to a reversal of the music, is a spell like "Suri-Suri Masuri," which is commonly used in Europe, meaning to carry out a deep-seated dream.
  • 2020.7.6
    Release date
    Irene and Seulgi's powerful transformation!
    The title song is 'Monster'. It's charismatic!

    The title song "Monster" is an impressive pop dance song with its conceptual lyrics about an immortal "Monster" that enters the other person's dream and makes him dance, play, and fall in love.

    The heavy base and intense dubstep sound add relaxed and charismatic vocals to the hip charm and new looks of Irene and Seulgi.
  • 2020.7.6
    Release Date
    It is a future house-style pop dance song with impressive bouncy beats, groovy bass lines, and addictive hooks.

    The lyrics and playful vocals, which compare the tension felt in a close relationship to the hide-and-seek game, add to the fun of listening.
  • 2017.7.9
    release date
    With an energetic up-tempo genre of dance, the lyrics expressing the feelings of hot 'summer' and thrilling 'love' in colors and flavors are impressive, and it is expected to continue red velvet's hit streak with a cool-tempo summer season song that will cool the summer heat down at once.
  • 2014.8.4
    release date
    It is a lively urban euro-pop genre song that combines intense synth sound with Afrikaan-like tribal beat, and the combination of rap and song-crossing vocals and various changing composition of the song further doubles the fun of listening.

    In addition, the lyrics contain a positive story about gaining strength through everyday happiness, loving yourself more, and it is expected to attract music fans' eyes and ears with the charming performance of "red velvet".
  • 2018.8.6
    release date
    an energetic super-strong summer song

    It is an addictive up-tempo pop dance song featuring a bubbly 8-bit game sauce and cute chant hooks, and the lyrics say that if you play and get energy, you can do your work, which is enough to feel the excitement of the moment you go on a summer vacation.
  • 2021.8.16
    Release date
    It is a refreshing pop dance song that combines addictive hooks and bright and cheerful vocals from red velvet.

    The lyrics provide positive energy with the message that we are all "Queen" of our lives and that we are more beautifully shining together.
  • 2017.8.18
    release date
    It was reborn as a medium tempo song with a harmonious combination of retro beats and synths.

    You can also add a rap part to show both the sentimental sensibility of the original song and the refreshing charm of 'red velvet', including a cheerful expression of the excitement and sweetness in love.
  • 2019.8.20
    release date
    It is an uptempo dance song with a disco house rhythm, and the lyrics, which are based on swimming, tactfully expressed the desire to make pleasant memories by teaching breathing techniques to the opponent who is immersed in his eyes and charm.
  • 2020.8.21
    release date
    It is a song from BoA's third full-length album released in 2003, and has been greatly loved for its "BoA Pyo" summer song, which combines BoA's energetic vocals and cool band sounds, and KENZIE, a hit maker who worked on the original song, rearranged it himself and recreated it into a fresh jazz pop, raising expectations.

    This song is a combination of colorful a cappella and jazz scats featuring the harmonious vocals of the five members of red velvet, adding to the original song's richness, and it is expected that global fans will pay keen attention to the lovely and refreshing music sensibility of "Summer Queen."
  • 2016.9.7
    release date
    It's a refreshing synth-pop song with retro 8-bit sound source lines reminiscent of an arcade sound, with impressive lyrics describing the process of winning a loved one's heart to a Russian roulette game, and a funny and addictive hook called 'Heart B-B-Beat' doubles the charm of the song.
  • 2015.9.9
    release date
    It is an impressive up-tempo pop dance song with addictive hooks, 808 bass drums and groovy beats, combining the powerful vocals and rap of red velvet members to give you a dynamic appeal.

    The British composer team LDN Noise, who composed SHINee's hit songs "View" and "Married To The Music," participated in the event to raise the level of perfection, adding to the fun of listening with the cute heart of a girl whose everything turns awkward like a fool in front of a lover.