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  • 2021.3.17
    Release Date
    It is a ballad song that adds the emotional lyrics and simple voice of "Dindin" with sophisticated performance and progression, making listeners coexist with various emotions."
  • 2018.4.9
    release date
    JYP chief Park Jin-young is known to have written and composed the song as a dance song about the curiosity and imagination of girls who learned love through books or movies or dramas.

    It features a bright melody with uptempo dance beats and rhythms that cross the trap genre to showcase various musical changes within a single song.

    The lyrics contain the cute imaginations and curiosity of girls toward love, such as "I feel love everyday in the movie or in the book or in the drama, learn love", "I WANNA KNOW candy is as sweet as candy", "What is Love? Will love come to me someday?"
  • 2019.4.12
    Release Date
    BTSpyo Old School Hip Hop Song. It is a song in the genre of rap rock that meets hip-hop grooves and metal-like guitar sounds of the '90s.

    It contains the joy and pain of creation, and now that I have become an artist through them, I want to communicate with the world through singing and dancing. In particular, J-Hope is in charge of the first half of Song Light, showing his growth as a top liner.

    In addition to the powerful and intense beats that seem to run from beginning to end, Jin's rocking ad-lib vocals are an impressive point of appreciation in the second half.
  • 2020.4.14
    release date
    With powerful drums, colorful vocal melodies and harmonies impressive urban-hip hop genres, Drew Ryan Scott, Sean Michael Alecander, who created EXO's "Coming Over," MONSTA X's "DRAMARAMA" and twice's "Heart Shaker" by Alligator.

    In addition, lyricist Seo Ji-eum, who created the representative hit song of the nation's top idol group, participated in the event to portray the bold aspirations of CRAVITY (Cravity) to the world with sensuous lyrics.

    'Break all the Rules,' a hopeful and comforting young people who want to move forward without hesitation, compresses the eye-overwhelming performance and the charm of the ambitious members under the theme 'Break all the rules and the framework locked in yourself.

    In particular, the operation of the tight rap-vocal line along with the sound of rough texture, powerful chorus, is enough to show the completed teamwork.
  • 2019.4.22
    release date
    "FANCY" is a melodrama pop dance song that announces the musical changes of twice with a color concept that is significantly different from what twice has shown so far.

    twice, who left in search of love with two feet under a tropical cloud and a strong sun, delivers a confession without hesitation, saying, "I will never let go."

    Lyrics that contain provocations that are quite different from the past, such as "Who likes it first," are enough to double twice's charm.
  • 2016.4.25
    release date
    It is the only color pop dance song that only 'twice' can show in Korea, a mix of hip-hop, tropical house and drum & bass genres, and it has a more refined, exciting and refreshing sound than "OOH-AHHH".

    In particular, the changes and melodies in the singing style of each member's individual parts will bring about fresh shocks that cannot be heard in existing idol music.
  • 2021.4.28
    Release date
    The lyrics are about doing your own new dances and songs without being swept away by the current trend.

    It also contains a message to break free from our stereotypes while talking about On & Off's 'freedom'.
  • 2019.5.8
    release date
    The song was co-produced by Swedish singer-songwriter Caroline Gustavsson, who collaborated with Steven Lee, who composed "Secret Garden," and British producer Joe Lawrence, who produced music by several domestic and foreign artists, including twice, TVXQ and Taeyeon.

    It is a song that melts the sound of modern electronic dance music against the backdrop of the classic sound of the colorful yet emotional orchestration and pounding Oral drum sound.

    The lyrical lyrics and OH MY GIRL's rich and emotional vocals, which compare the feelings of love to the girl as the fifth season, double the mood of the song.
  • 2017.5.15
    release date
    It is the title track of 'Park Jin-young's first 'twice' which expresses both the grooves unique to 'Park Jin-young' and the lightness of 'twice' by alternately arranging the intense 808 Bass sound hip-hop and the dance music of cheerful electronic instruments.
  • 2020.6.1
    release date
    The title track 'MORE & MORE' is a song about feelings that make you crave more for your opponent when the excitement and sweetness of love ripens. The tropical house rhythm doubled the trendyness. In the chorus, musical instruments were placed so that they could focus on the splendid performance.

    MORE & MORE's music video uses vivid colors and light to create a fascinating and intense feeling. It gives visual pleasure with fantastic objects that might come from fairy tales. The nine members transform themselves into forest goddesses to maximize the mysterious and dreamy atmosphere. On top of that, the group dance scenes on the geometric underwater set taken in Jeju Island make it hard to take one's eyes off.
  • 2021.6.9
    Release date
    It is a new summer dance song that combines hip-hop with Bossa Nova and expresses twice's new color.

    It sings the magical moment of falling in love that brightens the whole world.

    The chorus lyrics using sweet wine and cocktail names enhance the fun of listening.
  • 2018.6.15
    Release Date
    It's like a spell shouted by Black Pink.

    The oriental percussion rhythm and original whistle lead sound added to the powerful trap beat emphasize Black Pink's unique color.

    The appealing verse part, hookline in the free-drop, and rap in the second verse are enough to exclaim their vocals.

    As the song unfolds, the destructive power of "DDU-DU DDU-DU," armed with a broad spectrum and heightened drop, reminds me of a tank.
  • 2018.7.9
    release date
    twice's first summer song 'Dance The Night Away' is an uptempo pop song that expresses the youth of the nine members living with special happiness every moment.

    It captures twice's beautiful and bright energy in many ways, including sound and performance, and gives off a cool and refreshing atmosphere that will completely cool down the midsummer heat.

    Every summer vacation season, it makes us expect the birth of "Steady seller Summer Song".
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    Urban hip-hop song that combines NEO SOUL with exciting hip-hop drums.

    'Please turn off your phone' is a story that you tell people who are just looking at their cell phones while sitting face to face.

    ' BTS' has used social issues as a source of music in previous albums, including the expensive packaging craze among middle and high school students.

    This time, with lyrics like "Everyone says smart, but we're getting stupid.," he wittyly points out how the world is holding on to his cell phone.

    Rap Monster proved his talent as a singer-songwriter by making the lyrics and melodies of the song himself.
  • 2014.8.20
    release date
    The combination of powerful rock guitar sounds and cool-hit drums created an exciting hip-hop music.

    "My heart beats in front of a beautiful woman because of her hormonal effects," BTS tells me interesting lyrics.

    DJ Snatch of the hip-hop crew 'Dae Nam Hyub' with Rap Monster since he was active in the underground, participated as a scratch.

    Rapping and fresh lyrics that are hard to find in existing songs are attractive.