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  • 2018.12.3
    release date
    It is a ballad song that sings about when the moment of true miracle is for GOT7.

    "For GOT7, who debuted in January 2014, the real miracle is the moment when I met my fans who helped me overcome the cold and hard times like winter."

    JYP chief Park Jin-young participated in the lyrics, adding speciality to the song.
  • 2020.12.4
    release date
    It is a combination of four songs, "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)," "90's Love," "Work It" and "Rise The Roof," which were presented as NCT's second full-length album, and contains NCT's aspirations to expand around the world with intense performances and special synergy from 23 members.
  • 2019.12.5
    release date
    The cozy voice of Jung Seung-hwan calmly tells the words of confession waiting for the whole season reminds me of the scenes of winter confession. At the end of the confession, 'My winter, be all my seasons,' for the first time again, I express my mind that it will be the season that has flowed into the season of first confession.

    IU wrote the song and Jehwi wrote the song.

    I hope you will be happy to listen to these songs even if you encounter this season again after a long time.
  • 2016.12.5
    release date
    Freshness added passion!

    A richer and more sophisticated music is on the way!
  • 2016.12.5
    release date
    I expressed the excitement of running for my goal and the thumping heart of seeing my favorite reason through the word 'BOOM'.

    The song, 'Boom', which is repeated as a song that can feel SEVENTEEN's passionate energy to the fullest, can naturally be stuck in your mind and hum easily, and you can feel SEVENTEEN's energy more powerful than before.

    Specifically, the performance of "boomboom", which can be explained by 'force' and 'passion', digested the passion of running toward one dream with SEVENTEEN's own bright and dynamic performance. The choreography using costumes and the witty choreography that fits the lyrics are also one of the points of view.
  • 2016.12.5
    release date
    *"Smile Flower" with SEVENTEEN's honest story of having a laugh together anytime, anywhere
  • 2017.12.6
    release date
    [Downtown Baby] has a total of five songs, and the title track "Downtown Baby" stands out with an addictive hook that contains a love story from downtown LA.

    The album also contains deeper thoughts and stories about himself, such as "I AM," which is about blaming himself, regretting and looking back on himself, and "Sometimes," a song that he created to comfort people who live hiding those moments.
  • 2012.12.6
    release date
    "Because It's Christmas" is a song that expresses a heart-warming melody before confessing love.

    The harmony of the soft and sweet voice, combined with each artist's unique music style, which has a solid fan base, is why the song shines even more.
  • 2018.12.7
    release date
    It is a song that feels more dramatic when it meets the lyrics, which express from a woman's perspective that the 42-member orchestra's warm and rich voice and emotional lines toward the beginning and climax are hot, gradually cooling down, and moving toward parting.
  • 2020.12.7
    Broadcasting day
    It is a song about the confusion of love and hatred, and you can feel TWICE's deeper charm.

    JYP Entertainment's head and K-pop producer Park Jin-young and popular singer-songwriter Heize wrote the lyrics, unraveling the moment when the emotions of the two extremes coexist.
  • 2019.12.9
    release date
    First love for the winter, first snow, first Christmas, and pure love like the pouring stars. Hand

    Less tanned, just fine and green, a world full of white snow without a single footprint, just looking at each other.

    The only memory of the first winter, which is all a blessing.

    I'm afraid that the childhood and eternity that I've been hoping for with my hands will fade away, so I'll allow you a negative word.

    The only thing I didn't lose is that I felt sad for someone, but for a first-time couple this winter, I'd like to talk about my brother and mother.

    It is also a pure wish for him to become one.

    Sung Si-kyung, who is good at music and singing together after 10 years, and IU's harmonious sounds and senses

    Like snow falling between the castle and the purple chestnut, winter nights are embroidered.
  • 2013.12.9
    release date
    It is a pop ballad song featuring emotional piano melody and beautiful string sounds, and you can feel another sensibility of EXO that has caught the eye with its unconventional and dynamic performance.

    In particular, the lyrics stimulate the emotion with a mournful heart that after breaking up with a loved one, the longing grows, the invisible sound is heard, and the ability to fill the world with her is created, but this ability cannot actually bring her back.
  • 2019.12.9
    release date
    The lyrics, "What I needed, I walked as my feet went and I could feel the light pouring down when I left the tunnel where I locked myself in my dream," calmly sings the feelings that the members felt.
  • 2019.12.9
    release date
    It is an Easy Listening song that combines bouncy beats and melodies.

    She joined forces with DJ and production duo Sondr, who worked with famous foreign pop artists such as Lana Del Ray and Meghan Trainor, to enhance the perfection of the song.
  • 2010.12.9
    release date
    With IU's confession song as a gift to her fans, the thunder member of MBLAQ, who has built friendship with IU since she was a trainee, participated in the rap and gave her strength.

    "In advance Merry Christmas" is completed with IU's clear voice and a warm-hearted arrangement, a love song that will beautifully color everyone's hearts this winter.