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  • 2018.1.25
    release date
    ☆ A song that is composed mainly of percussion source and popular keyboard riff.

    The beginning and end of love are metaphorically described in "The Act of Life," and the gentle and light lyrics stimulate the audience's sensibility. Remembrance melodies harmonize with the lyrics that evoke memories.
  • 2018.1.25
    release date
    ☆ It is an authentic ballad song with lyrical melodies produced by composer Cho Young-soo, who wrote one of Davichi's biggest hits 'Love and War'.

    The mournful lyrics, which sang a mess after the breakup, are written by the lyricist Shim Hyun-bo, and the arrangement is a ballad by Han Gil, a composer of Hwang Chi-yeol's "A Daily Song," one of the most beloved songs of last year.
  • 2021.1.25
    Release date
    It is a reggaeton-style song that harmonizes intense rhythm with guitar, whistling, and emotional melodies.

    The expression of Golden Child's desire to watch their loved ones struggle, to keep them close to the end, and to burn the pain away from the pain was expressed with a more mature and deeper expression.
  • 2021.1.25
    Release Date
    It is a song that combines rhythmic guitar, bass, and cheerful synth to give off Golden Child's energetic energy, and the lyrics that wake up from the hard past and deliver a hopeful message are impressive.
  • 2021.1.26
    Release date
    It is a song of Dreamcatcher's Young Metal or New Metal genre that adds intense rock sounds and elements of hip-hop, and it embodies a new sound by adding rock's unique rough sound and hip-hop rhythm.

    To express the sanctity, the piano's low range and wide spatial backing vocals were used, and the vocal melody and distortion guitar melodies overlap in the chorus, attracting listeners' ears.
  • 2020.1.28
    release date
    ☆ It is an impressive hip-hop dance song with humming in harmony with addictive rhythm track loops, and Zico's witty lyrics that match the free atmosphere of the whole song are getting more interesting.

    The unique vocal tone of each section will double the fun of listening to the song, which is expected to be Super Junior's first hip-hop genre.

    Zico, a popular hip-hop artist and hit maker, wrote and composed the lyrics, raising expectations.
  • 2018.1.29
    release date
    ☆ It is a hip-hop-based R&B dance song, with a groovy synth melody and heavy bass sound added to the addiction, and the lyrics are eye-catching as it contains the near-death feelings of a bad man and a haughty woman attracted to each other.
  • 2020.1.29
    Release date
    ☆The desire to be the perfect 'you' (I) but when I turn around, I find myself again in the same place.

    The repackaged album title 'Without You' is an extension of the WANNABE consciousness.

    It calmly expresses the self of Chaos, who desperately wanted to but couldn't find an answer and wandered in the endless darkness.

    The emptiness of loss is the main emotion that dominates the song, but there is a small hope and light in it.
  • 2012.1.30
    release date
    ☆ Starting with a vintage electronic guitar that leads the overall atmosphere of the song, the heavy and simple ethnic drum, 808 base, and the minimal composition of the soft-plastic pad cynth and synth reed seem to further stimulate the imagination.
  • 2021.1.31
    Broadcasting day
    The jazz organ and lead synth sound reminiscent of soul/gaspell in the 80s are impressive medium tempo R&B songs, and they play SHINee's more mature sweet vocals as they propose to their long-time lovers.
  • 2017.2.1
    release date
    ☆ Red Velvet's "Rookie" is a pop dance song with a funky groove with a catchy brass sound and a light guitar rhythm. Not only does the cute and witty lyrics that compare a loved one to "Rookie" stand out, but the repetition of "Rookie" gives a strong addiction.
  • 2021.2.2
    Release Date
    It is a song about beautiful times before all events took place.

    According to the theme of the song, the rhythm of the uptempo and the cheerful melody show another charm.
  • 2020.2.3
    release date
    ☆ "Crossing Street" is a dance song that features a powerful string sound and a reversal of synth based on a beautiful melody, describing the girl's state of mind at a crossroads of choice with the word "Crossing."

    Standing at the intersection, it contains a complicated mind that agonizes over whether to stop here or cross over or in which direction to go.

    The sound created by the harmony of strings, synths and acoustic guitars gives you the same feeling as riding a thrilling roller coaster.

    It is impressive to express the complicated mind of having to make a choice in an arrangement by changing the height.
  • 2021.2.3
    Release Date
    A housewife who went to land looking for a rabbit's liver. I'm heading home to say hello before I leave.

    When she went back to her bedroom, leaving behind her mother's dissuasion of her sudden visit to the land, her wife also dissuaded her, but her concern was unexpected.
  • 2020.2.5
    release date
    ☆ It is an impressive urban dance song with a magnificent bass and signature Horn sound, maximizing the 'girl crush' not previously shown by LOONA.

    The message, "Get out of the world and express yourself to your heart's content," adds to the depth of the world view that has continued.