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  • 2021.3.1
    Release Date
    It is a song that highlights the rhythm of EDM in Trap beat, and contains a message that it will burn its own embers to create a true flame.
  • 2021.3.1
    Release Date
    It means that everyone deserves to be congratulated just for being born.
  • 2021.3.2
    Release Date
    The song features a combination of reggae pop-based grand tracks and powerful vocals, attracting a deadly, dreamy atmosphere.
  • 2021.3.3
    Release Date
    It is a song about love that eventually ends like a flower that blooms beautifully and then withers away, and iKON's more mature vocals and emotional expressions stand out.

    The combination of lyrical guitar riffs and heavy 808 bases adds to the song's sorrow.
  • 2019.3.4
    release date
    ☆I was a tough, haughty cat, but I'm changing because of you.

    "Cat & Dog" has a marimba melody added to the trap rhythm to create a cute atmosphere. It is a song that highlights the members' "Mumble Rap" and sings about the inner changes that occur when the speaker meets someone.

    Perhaps the purest pet-butler relationship resembles a scene in which anyone's heart is captured.

    Surprised and embarrassed by the change he felt for the first time, but the important thing is that they like the change that came one day. Even feeling happy with their friends' teasing.
  • 2019.3.4
    release date
    ☆The song is a trendy and energetic modern version of "Synth Pop." The dynamic synth sound and the contemporary melody are in exquisite harmony.

    A kind of growing pain from childhood to boy is described as a "horn." Each of the five members is expected to meet with charming and colorful vocals, unique lyrics and sophisticated sounds to meet the expectations and interests of the public.
  • 2021.3.5
    Release Date
    With its sophisticated and different beats and rhythms, it has a lively feeling for everyone to enjoy.
  • 2020.3.6
    release date
    ☆Hero (Kick It) is a hip-hop dance song featuring NCT 127's energetic vocals and powerful tempo.

    The lyrics "Let's overcome trauma" gives a light and witty message that gives us intense energy.
  • 2018.3.7
    Release date
    ☆It is an electro-house genre song that starts with an exotic Latin guitar riff and is dynamic song develops impressively constantly.

    The lyrics metaphorically express the longing and affection for the departed lover in nature and time.

    As its title name "Starry Night," continues to play in the chorus.
  • 2017.3.7
    Release Date
    The title track "Rollin" is an EDM song with a cheerful uptempo.

    The Brave Girls are a four-member girl group of Min-young, Yoo-jung, Eun-ji and Yuna, who debuted in 2016.

    He has sometimes been mentioned as the president of the military since his debut, but he has never been mentioned properly.

    After continuing its activities from time to time, in 2021, when the members were preparing to disband, Rollin', which was released four years ago, is enjoying its heyday by topping major music charts and music broadcasts in Korea.
  • 2020.3.9
    release date
    ☆Title track 'WANNABE' delivers the message 'one & only ME' that ITZY will show their own color without being tied to other people's standards.

    "I live my life anyway. Because it's mine.""No matter what anyone says, I just wanna be me." ITZY proudly shout that I'm the only one in my life, giving the listeners catharsis.
  • 2012.3.9
    release date
    ☆You can enjoy powerful music featuring EXO's spectacular performances.
  • 2021.3.10
    Release Date
    The song is about the philosophical agony of losing presence in the flow of time.
  • 2019.3.11
    Release Date
    Can't you sleep?

    Do you have nightmares?

    Did she break up?

    Do you feel depressed, depressed, hopeless?

    Is there anyone you miss?

    Don't you feel anything about the things that once made you happy?

    Are you lonely?


    Is it a sleepless night?
  • 2021.3.11
    Release Date
    Rhythmic synthesizers and drum programming catch the ears as if they portray the brilliance and speed of Seoul in front of them.