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  • 2021.5.25
    Release date
    It contains the spirit to face the darkness proudly and open the beginning of a new world in search of light of hope.

    "First," which opens with a grand opening, combines intense trap beats, impressive vocals and melodies, and powerful performances to complete the epic drama attractively.
  • 2020.5.26
    release date
    It is reminiscent of their fiery feast, united with the spirit and energy of breaking everything in front of them.

    The ethnic melody and dynamic synth sound combine with a tight rhythm to create an intense atmosphere.

    The rhythmical bounce and overwhelming shouting are impressive.
  • 2021.5.26
    Release date
    Even the moon, which always shines splendidly and brilliantly, has its back.

    I can hug and love even the incomplete image of the hidden back.

    It is a song that expresses the love of 'Like It Hot' with the message 'Let me know about your back.'