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  • 2016.10.16
    release date
    Ailee (real name: Lee Ye-jin) is a second-generation Korean-American.

    Even before his debut, he was already famous for having huge American fans, posting videos of his pop song Cover on YouTube, dubbed '10 million-view girl'.

    'I'll Show You' is the representative song on Ailee's first mini-album.
  • 2020.10.19
    release date
    It has a sad and heartbreaking love story and is a catchy, addictive song.

    The prelude, which starts with the sound of rain and the piano, makes listeners fall into emotion, and the climax of the chorus created by Im Chang-jung's unrivaled high-pitched voice maximizes the sadness of leaving the loved one.

    It is another masterpiece created by the hit maker duo "Im Chang-jung," "The Boar," and rookie producer "Wolf," which has been together for a long time, with the participation of the nation's top sessions to create the best quality.
  • 2020.10.20
    Release Date
    It is a smooth R&B/Soul-based song, featuring warm guitar performances on a lonely piano melody, and harmony between Taeyeon and Crush.

    The voices of two men and women who feel that the breakup is near. Did she know the end?
  • 2015.10.23
    Release date
    Can you tell me which way to go from here?'

    It depends where you want to go.' said the cat.

    The song is based on Alice's Cheshire cat in Wonderland.

    There are several examples and no wrong answers.

    Whatever you choose, it's just up to what you want to believe.

    It's a song where funky beats and disco sounds are light, fun, and chaotic.
  • 2003.10.24
    release date
    Park Hwa Yo-bi ( ~, February 11, 1982 ~ ) is a Korean singer.

    R&B is the main field of music activity. Hwayobi is a combination of R&B's 'B' and Tuesday's 'Hwayo' on the day it was named.[
  • 2020.10.24
    release date
    I made a song with the feelings of a man who has a crush on me.

    Because she doesn't use the word "she," you can also call her unrequited love from a woman's point of view.

    And the unique thing is that it can be sung as a recollection of past memories, so it can be read as a song about past love, so please sing it according to your situation.

    a drop of tears
  • 2019.10.28
    release date
    "Spark" is an alternative soul pop genre song that combines emotional intense melodies and Taeyeon's overwhelming vocals, and hitmaker Kenzie participated in writing, composing and arranging the song, and the lyrics described Taeyeon's self and vision as an artist.
  • 2015.10.28
    release date
    Singer Kim Pil from 'Superstar K 6' will be the first OST runner for tvN's drama 'Reply 1988'.

    Kim Pil remade the legendary Korean rock band Sanwoolim's 'Youth'. The original song was reinterpreted using small instruments such as classical guitars, slide guitars, and Flugelhorn so that the orchestral lyrics of the original song could be more prominent.

    In particular, Kim Chang-wan added meaning by participating in the featuring with a low voice. If Kim Pil captures the youthful sensibility of youth, Kim Chang-wan conveys the deep emotion of an adult who has spent his youth, giving a deep impression beyond generations.
  • 2018.10.29
    release date
    Someone next to you now hoping that you're the perfect love you've been waiting for so long...
  • 2019.10.31
    release date
    Apink's Jung Eun-ji, who created the modifier "Believe-and-Listen Combination" by working with Huh Gak through "I Always Know I'll Break Up," "Short Hair," and "Let's Stop Fighting Now," will once again show fantastic chemistry.
  • 2019.11.1
    release date
    It is rock music that combines the unique pop melody and lively band sound of composer Lee Jong-hoon, who is inseparable from IU.

    Hong So-jin participated in the arrangement and IU band (Hong So-jin, Jukjae, Choi In-sung, and Kim Seung-ho) participated in the performance to increase the level of perfection.

    Also, the voice of talented senior singer Ha Dong-kyun, who has been known to have had a special affinity since IU's trainee days, adds weight to the message.
  • 2020.11.4
    Release date
    The lyrics of "It's a rough world, but trust me and come together" are impressive.

    It is a magnificent British pop song composed by producer 'Me boars' and recently rising producer 'Kim Si-on'.
  • 2019.11.4
    Release date
    It is a song that expresses Song Ga-in's emotions and singing ability by expressing a cheerful and mournful feeling by expressing the mournful heart of a mother who loves her child and the noble heart of a child who loves her parents.

    It is a fusion Gugak-style song that harmonizes sophisticated yet exciting ensemble with Gugak instruments, including Taepyeongso, and her meeting with the theme "Mom," the hometown of all people, and "Arirang," which contains the marriage of the people, heralds the birth of national song.
  • 2019.11.5
    release date
    'FLOWER SHOWER' is a song with a heavy 808 base with a mombahton rhythm and a combination of futuristic sounds, adding to Hyuna's vocals, creating a new style called Future Moombahton Pop Dance Music, her own genre.

    The "DDU-DU DDU-DU" in the introduction alone captures the listeners' ears, while simultaneously capturing restrained beats, sophisticated sounds, and drop parts reached past the flowery path-like section, simultaneously showing the sexiness, loveliness and energy that only Hyun-ah has.

    The lyrics, which compare life's splendid moments to flowers that bloom and fall, contrasts with the bright sound.
  • 2020.11.5
    Broadcasting day
    Our night, which begins at the end of a tiring day, will be ecstatic enough to be jealous of everyone.

    In the chorus part, Kang Daniel's emotional vocals were added to the intense sound of synthesizers and drums to complete the addictive sound.