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  • 2021.7.5
    Release date
    It expresses the sun shining down.

    Hot and stimulating taste that comes to mind in summer!

    Fortunately, the sun in my 20s, seeking only freedom and stimulation, is always beeping. -
  • 2020.7.6
    Release date
    Following the voice of the deep night expressed by the previous single Stay Tonight, PLAY tells the story of a more beautiful and hot afternoon than night because the boundary between day and night is blurred.

    After a secretive and secret moment, the lyrics were filled with words as intense and bold as the height of the summer sun.
  • 2021.7.6
    Release date
    It is a disco pop genre song that combines cheerful guitar and retro synth sound.

    In the lyrics, he expressed his desire to leave his daily life for a while and spend the weekend freely as he wants, and leave as he is led.

    Taeyeon's sweet vocals and gentle singing rap double the exciting atmosphere of the song.
  • 2019.7.7
    Release date
    We don’t talk together is a song produced by BTS Suga.
  • 2019.7.10
    Release date
    It is an R&B song that harmonizes groovy beats and string sounds, and was worked on by rookie producers Leon and dress, and is a love song featuring sensuous lyrics that expresses the romantic time looking at the moon with a lover on the U.N. Village Hill like a scene from a movie.
  • 2019.7.11
    release date
    Chorus: Taeyeon, Paul Kim
  • 2021.7.12
    Release date
    It is a song that contains a message that we, our loved ones, should just enjoy the shining present.

    It is a medium-tempo pop R&B genre with attractive urban and sophisticated sound.
  • 2020.7.14
    release date
    'I Want to See You By Lying' is a song that tells the situation after a breakup in a real and straightforward manner.

    Under the word love, we hurt each other, regretting the breakup.

    In addition, Baek Ji-young's deep voice, which sang the lyrics as if she were telling the truth, deeply lingers.
  • 2021.7.14
    Release date
    A remake of "Free To Fly" from H.O.T.'s second studio album "Wolf And Sheep" was released in 1997.

    Produced by the original singer Yoo Young-jin, the song doubles the charm of the song by combining richer sounds with the sweet vocals of Kangta.
  • 2012.7.15
    release date
    Psy's video music video "Gangnam Style" surpassed 1 billion views 161 days after it was released on YouTube, the world's largest video site, on July 15, 2012, creating a craze for "Gangnam Style" around the world.

    '2012 MTV Europe Music Awards' was the first Korean singer to win the Best Video category and the New Media Award at '2012 American Music Awards'.
  • 2021.7.16
    Release date
    It is a song that confesses feelings and emotions to a loved one in everyday life.

    It is an emotional ballad song that contains my sincere heart that I have changed and that I will always be with you when I have a hard time and when I have a hard time in my life.

    From the beginning, the luxurious piano melody and bluish guitar are impressive songs, and Hwang Chi-yeol's soft voice and mellow sensibility are expressing overwhelming emotions with strings as the second half goes on.
  • 2018.7.18
    release date
    The arrangement of three-dimensional changes in each part is impressive, with a wide range of musical ideas, from the groove to the electronic sound in the second half, adding to the fun of listening to the song.

    With the powerful brass section, the beautiful melody based on the refreshing tropical sound, and the voice of Chungha, the praise of the perfect summer day following the previous work has been completed.
  • 2021.7.19
    Release date
    It is a song that symbolizes Korea and rearranged Arirang into a cheering song version to overcome difficult times.

    The copyright of the sound source is donated to the state and provided for free use by all citizens.
  • 2021.7.19
    Release date
    DINDIN worked on the song thinking only about collaboration with Min Kyung-hoon from the first time.

    The catchy chorus and intense yet sad sounds will give listeners a strong scent and lingering impression.

    It completed a dynamic song with a magnificent and tense piano and string performance, intense drums and guitar performances.
  • 2020.7.23
    Release Date
    Along with Lee Ha-yi, who remained alone and endured a time of loneliness, it contains comfort to those trapped in a closed social environment.

    From the introduction of a calm monologue to the chorus that resonates everyone's heart, Lee Ha-yi delivers a message of hope with her own emotion and voice.

    For you who are still spending time alone.