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  • 2020.5.29
    Release Date
    "To You, To Me", which will be the highlight of the OST of "Wise Physician's Life", is a theme song for the final episode of the 12th episode and a song promising for the final episode.

    The pure and warm lyrics and melody are impressive, and it contains the warm friendship and love of five members of his 20-year-old medical school.
  • 2019.5.30
    release date
    It is a song about Han Young-ae's "No One" (written by Yoon Myung-woon), a popular song of the 80s, adding Korean and retro lyrics that are inverted to the melody on top of the exotic sound of Indian style.

    Lee Ha-yi's new charm can be seen by expressing her desolate heart in a provocative and frank and confident manner.

    Citing Hwang Jin-yi's sijo, "A Long Night in the Dongjidal," the heart-rending story of waiting for a new love calmly unraveled, and iKON's B.I. participated in the featuring with rap making to add a sense of rhythm to the song.

    Also, the songs in the album, which are in collaboration with a colorful featuring group, will give listeners the fun of listening.
  • 2019.5.30
    Release date
    It is an acoustic ballad song that allows you to enjoy abundant sound through musical instruments recorded as a real session, and the lyrics express empathy by comparing the heart of a lover who is in familiarity and comfort on a cool summer night, and the vocals of 20-year-old singers and Yoon-ah, who participated in featuring, maximized the emotional atmosphere of the song.
  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    A modern rock genre song remade of singer Park Hye-kyung's 'Hello' released in 2003.

    Joy's cool vocals harmonize with the hopeful lyrics to forget the hard times and welcome a new day.

    The cheerful brass performance plus a speedy arrangement is enough to feel a different charm from the original song.
  • 2021.5.31
    Release date
    A remake of a duet version of singer Sung Si-kyung's song released in 2002.

    It is characterized by a band arrangement with a refreshing sound and a soft flute performance.

    Paul Kim's sweet harmony with Joy's clear vocals creates a loving and romantic atmosphere.
  • 2018.6.5
    Release date
    2018 City Pop, which reflects the realistic yet romantic times.

    It depicts a beautiful picture of 'Urban Woman', who sings about the feelings of men and women in a busy city and demands a confident expression from the other person.

    The sound is composed of all elements, including heavy bases, advanced drums, Mars, and singing methods, and features a simple but catchy melody.
  • 2017.6.8
    Release date
    Kwon Ji-yong, a human who lives with the same worries and solitude as any adult who feels growing pains, is seen to be honest.
  • 2021.6.11
    Release date
    If you like cloudy weather, I hope you enjoy listening to it.

    I put in a lot of falsetto so that the guys wouldn't feel like singing at karaoke.
  • 2019.6.13
    release date
    Jeon So-mi is a dance/hip-hop song that best represents the artist and captures the various charms of each artist.

    From the striking drum sound to the drop part filled with the bouncy lead synth, to the outro enriched with the powerful brass sound. Created in the production of TEDDY, the chief producer of THE BLACK LABEL, "BIRTHDAY" is a highly complete track that is simply never boring.

    The rhythmical rap and powerful vocals are added to the fast-tempo beat to give explosive energy. Expectations are high on what kind of performance will be shown in a cheerful mood.
  • 2017.6.13
    Release date
    As can be felt in the lyrics of 'Song', which many people can relate to, "A song that you listen to every day no matter how hard you struggle to listen to, you can feel the emotions of popular lyrics and everyday expressions that everyone can sympathize with."

    Comfortable piano melody and colorful string arrangements are added, plus Hwang Chi-yeol's calm yet appealing voice, doubling the emotion of the song.
  • 2021.6.15
    Release date
    GOT7 BamBam's first solo mini album.

    The song features an easy and addictive melody line and hopeful lyrics, which is full of BamBam's new charm that he has never seen before.

    BamBam's unique bright and lovely energy maximized the charm of the song.
  • 2020.6.17
    Release date
    "Anytime, Anywhere" is a song that contains a message of longing for things that have been forgotten for granted and desire for the melody to reach and sing together anytime, anywhere.

    From the intro piano melody to the fresh early summer atmosphere, the song provides a feeling of excitement, as if listening to a music movie with ears, heightening its immersion in the second half.

    Listening to Jung Seung-hwan's delicate yet powerful vocals, bands, and orchestras, the Irish whistle sound of Interlude, which reminds you of the vast unfolding nature, and the chorus part in the second half, complete the dramatic narrative.
  • 2020.6.19
    release date
    Along with playing a musical instrument that seems to be a dreamy dream, the melody and lyrics that coexist with a mournful and fluttering feeling create a fresh feeling.

    Therefore, the joining of popular idol "Kang Daniel" is a serenade that expresses the cautious and excited heart toward the other person, starting love for the first time with a calm and sweet melody, unlike the existing atmosphere of music presented by Kang Daniel.
  • 2016.6.21
    Release date
    "It's raining before I know it. I get caught in the rain without any preparation. I am afraid of the increasing rain. But this rain will stop soon." - Paul Kim
  • 2021.6.22
    Release date
    The desire to make a song that can reach a certain situation and needs and people properly.

    What's different is that the range of "someone" that I can gauge has widened a little.

    I wanted to start off with a song called "I Want to Hear You".