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  • 2021.7.29
    Release date
    The Age of Disgust, Tiger JK's Dignified Warning Shooting.

    In a way, I think it is more important to cultivate skills to protect the body and mind at times like this.

    Self-defense, and the heart of a tiger. The art of favoritism
  • 2020.7.30
    Release date
    It is a powerful trap genre hip-hop dance song that contains popular pop elements.

    The grand intro heralds the development of a powerful song, leading to an addictive hook that lingers in the ear, adding to the song's excitement.

    Among the hook lyrics, "So I Snow Nunnanna" is the keyword lyrics of the song, which contains the values of life that Jessie seeks to live confidently rather than others' views, such as "Be honest if you want" and "Don't look at others."
  • 2020.7.30
    Release Date
    It is a song that people who are tired of the prolonged epidemic and hot summer can sympathize with.

    The cool yet weighty guitar riff and synthesizer are attractive songs, which contain a longing for freedom and hope to escape from the frustrating reality.

    In the music video, Eric Nam played various aspects such as "General Eric Nam," "Celeb Eric Nam," and "Workplace Eric Nam," capturing the theme of the "The Other Side" album, which some people envy, and my ordinary daily life can be "Paradise."
  • 2018.7.30
    Release Date
    The song features lyrics reminiscent of the lovely appearance of the two men and women, but the keyword "Soulmate," which is not limited to men and women, but is also meaningful in itself.
  • 2020.7.31
    Release date
    Baekhyun's sweet vocals, which were reborn as piano-oriented minimal and sophisticated R&B songs and proved his appearance as a vocalist through various music activities from solo albums to OSTs and collaboration, are enough to meet another charm from BoA's original song.
  • 2021.8.2
    Release date
    Unlike the introduction of minimal arrangement and the pure heart of a girl who wants to be seen well by her loved one, the fresh drop sound falling from the chorus with the message "I dance at the top of your head" gives a refreshing shock to the listener.

    It is expected that Somi's cheerful charm and Somi's powerful performance will captivate the eyes and ears of the public at once, showing a twist behind the innocent girl.
  • 2019.8.3
    Release date
    It is a ballad song that begins with a lonely guitar melody, and the lyrics express the heart of a woman standing in front of her fateful love are impressive.

    Chungha's clear voice not only creates a sad atmosphere, but also provides a sense of immersion in the play with affectionate sensibility.
  • 2020.8.3
    release date
    Your mind is filled with hot energy that will wake you up feeling you didn't know.

    With lyrics such as "I want to know you" and "I can only see you," she makes bold confessions, raising her tension with constant enthusiasm.

    808 Base drums and Latin guitars, flute and synthized vocal effects are a powerful combination, complete with addictive melodies that will captivate the summer.
  • 2020.8.3
    release date
    It is a song that expresses the feelings you feel to the person you meet for the first time in a movie.

    It added fun by adding movie-related words such as "location," "famous lines," "climax" and "Mise-en," and added a modern and sophisticated sliding 808 baseline, a piano's staccato sound and synthized organ to catch the ears.
  • 2020.8.3
    Release date
    By arranging the guitar in a minimal way, Kang Daniel's simple and soft vocals are focused to deliver a calm yet calm atmosphere.

    After a day, before going to bed, he calmly unravels his thoughts. On a quiet summer night when even the starlight is asleep, I ask how you are feeling a little lonely as if you are awake alone and give you consolation.

    "I'm curious about you. How are you these days?"
  • 2020.8.4
    Release Date
    It contains the memories of separation due to love that she was clumsy in her childhood, in a daily and honest way.
  • 2020.8.5
    Release Date
    It is a Chillhop/Jazzhop-style song that features Sandeul's soft and warm voice with the chill feeling of a summer night.

    I hope that the emotional wave sound that reminds me of summer nights captivates my ears, giving me a drowsy guitar performance, a relaxed piano and beat as calm as the sound of summer nights waves, and it will be a fresh love story like a shower on a hot summer day.
  • 2021.8.6
    Release date
    The music is cheerful even though they are singing about their lovers' anger.

    The addictive chorus and beats, which are faster than the previous songs released by Sunmi, are suitable for enjoying the hot summer than ever before.

    This song also shows Sunmi's vocal who has grown up with him.
  • 2021.8.8
    Release date
    It is a "Rock Trot" genre song that properly crosses over the rock elements of cool and heavy rhythm and Trot's unique way of expressing our life's history in a serious way.

    Starting with a sad yet beautiful accordion performance, it is an addictive song that combines luxurious string melodies, rock trot's signature sound, cool electric guitar, rhythm, and appealing vocals.

    I hope it will be a precious time to look back on your surroundings and yourself in your daily life through "That's the way to live."
  • 2020.8.12
    release date
    Park Jin-young and Sunmi met in the music world 'Dancing King' Great chemistry! With Park Jin-young's disco, let's have fun in the K-pop scene in 2020!

    Music video with fancy performances! Hot disco fever!